Not making the grade, should I upgrade?

Should I be embarrassed to admit that I am still using an iPhone 4? Should I be even more embarrassed that my nearly 73 year old father has one step up from mine, the iPhone 4s? My phone loses battery life so quickly I carry a charger everywhere I go and have been known to ask bartenders/hostesses if I can be seated near a plug (#smartphoneproblems), the quality of my photos is so laughable that even an instagram filter usually doesn’t help (see below), and lets talk about the fact that my run keepers GPS is faulty, and my google maps shuts off mid turn.

iPhone 4IMG_6002

So I’ve been contemplating, do I upgrade to the iPhone 5S through Verizon for $99.99 now, do I wait until September when Apple hopefully releases the iPhone 6 and probably pay $200+,  do I jump back into the Android market? Or do I start reading some blogs on how to make that iPhone 4 work for me?   I know most of  you bloggers out there would say I should really make the investment into a DSLR, I’d rather make a quick and dirty decision on a phone that has so many other uses to me and do some indepth research on what DSLR will work for me.

I almost bit the bullet yesterday and hit up Verizon, but I read a few blog posts that total me to turn off my Location Services and my battery would stay charged longer and my phone would accept a charge, thus far its worked. I’ll report back if I throw the thing out the window anytime soon!

What kind of phone are you using?

What would make you switch from iPhone to Android or vice versa?

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