The Look // C. Wonder + Animals

I love a good ironic statement piece whether its a piece of jewelry or Jenn’s beloved J.Crew sweater from 2013. To me ironic pieces typically feature an unexpected animal/image or phrase in an otherwise normal setting.

Jenn's Sweater
Jenn’s Sweater


Which is why I am loving what C. Wonder is doing across all of their product lines #ironicanimalsforthewin



Enamel Printed Camel Bangle

C. Wonder // Enamel Printed Camel Bracelet // $68.00

Cotton Giraffe Intarsia Sweater

C. Wonder // Cotton Giraffe Intarsia Sweater // $88.00

Printed Zip Top Pouch

C. Wonder // Printed Zip Top Pouch // $48.00

And I couldn’t leave this sale serving dish out because ya’ll know I love monkeys

Animal Rectangular Ceramic Plate

C. Wonder // Animal Rectangular Ceramic Plate // $18.99 


What do you think of the ironic statement trend?  


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