#100HappyDays – Week 6

With this post I’ll be officially caught up with my #100happydays! I slid in a post yesterday on my fall favorites from Land’s End  and I’m working on some other fun stuff for you for next week, stay tuned!


Day 35 // It’s no secret that I prefer a pool to beach any day of the week. So I was excited to learn that my nephews had passed their pool test at the YMCA and can now use the water slide. Now I hope they invite me to join!


Day 36 // It wasn’t even October yet when our landlord decided to decorate for Halloween. I get welcomed home every night by this guy and his 10 or so brothers hanging out on our fence.


Day 37 // On day 37 I finally got back to blogging after over 2 weeks away! Feels good!


Day 38 // I spent day 38 on the sidelines of Tommy and Charlie’s flag football game with these two (and their parents). I wish I could spend every day with them, but if I did I’d need a nap (clearly I’m not ready for children).


Day 39 // Sarah and I ventured into downtown Wellesley on Sunday afternoon, our first stop was Boloco to carb up for our shopping.  We picked up what we think is a great birthday present at Isabel Harvey, I could buy everything in there!


Day 40 // I had dinner at Margaret’s and her son Tyler who is 17 months old told me all about hockey (what you wear, what you equipment you use) and that he thinks his neighbor Tom drives the Zamboni (he doesn’t.). He also learned my name “Kapty” and used it all night. <3


Day 41 // I’m taking down all of my cubicle “decorations” and snapped a photo of this particular one sent to me after a day of hearing my jingle around in my a pair of shoes that had a little extra flair in them.


I want to take a quick second to shout out a Happy Birthday to my best friend and roommate Jenn, the Bert to my Ernie, I hope you like the gift we bought you on Day 39!


Is there anyone you’d like to give shout out to? Leave it the comments! 


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Happy Friday!

Fridays to me are for splurging on the medium iced Dunkins instead of the typical small, lunch-time take out, and 5:00 adult beverages (maybe this is why I haven’t achieved that goal weight?!!?) and it’s also for spending the day pouring over my favorite blogs between projects at work. Monday – Thursday I usually have two dedicated blog reading times, when I first arrive at work while I am eating my breakfast and just after lunch but on Fridays I like to reward myself for every task complete with a blog read or two!

I’ve been using bloglovin’ for a little bit over a week and though for a while when google reader shut down I was drinking the #haterade for bloglovin’ –  I AM IN FACT LOVIN’ IT NOW! (btw, did you know you can follow LWR on bloglovin’?) and thought I’d  share a few of my favorite reads from this past week with you which all seem to have a wine theme to them, hmm….

Kath Eats Real Food (no, no not me!) – Wine Country Trip

Kath’s a registered dietitian and blogger whom I’ve been following for some time now and recently she and her husband along with another couple headed to Sonoma for  4 days in wine country. I read her recaps of day 1 and day 2 earlier this week, this morning it was day 3 and that’s when I knew I liked Kath – on day 3 they hired a driver for their wine touring and sampling. On the other days they had switched off who was the DD but on day 3 and took full advantage of their driver’s (of Woody’s Wine Tours) recommendations and clout in the tasting world getting private tastings and picnic lunches! I’d love to visit wine country some day and when I do I’ll be searching the archives for Kath’s recommendations!

Kath Eats Real Food
(Photo credit – Kath Eats Real Food)


The Wife in Training (again, not me – no where near being a wife) – Wine Wednesday 

Let’s first talk about how jealous I am that Lindsay goes on blates (those are blog dates for those non-bloggers out there) I need to meet some more Boston bloggers and make this happen in my life! Who better to understand your need for 50 photos and new experiences to write about than another blogger? Anywaysssss back to the point: Wine Wednesday. Dry whites are usually Lindsay’s jam (her words, not mine) but girl stepped out of her comfort zone and tried a rose, a red blend, and a house cab-sav – why should you find this important? Because your taste-buds change people. I used to be a hater of all things with tomatos, refried beans anywhere near my mexican food, and white wine and guess what – my buds now love tomatoes on my burger, I had a scoop of refried beans with three meals this week (#singlegirlproblems when trying to finish the can yourself) and prefer pinot grigio over any reds (call me Ramona Singer if you want because its #turtletime).


I learned a thing or two about wines reading Lindsay’s post too – like white zinfandel is made by mixing existing whites and reds and only started in the 1980’s and that if I ever visit  Forth Worth Texas I’m hitting up Times Ten Cellars, because c’mon how cute is this place (and is there something like this that I am unaware of in Boston?!!?)

(Photo credit: The Wife in Training) 

Hosting & Toasting – Labor Day Weekend Trip

Alright, we will end off with Hosting & Toasting’s Labor Day weekend trip to Newport, RI. This week she shared her sailing attire, her lounge style, her brunch attire, and her vineyard style. I’ve added all of the below, which she featured in these posts to my shopping wishlist on Pinterest! While in Newport Britney stayed at the Ocean Cliff Resort which is absolutely breathtaking  and did a sip & sail package with 12 charters which seems like a must do for next summer!


Hosting and Toasting Inspired Wish List

I’m So Fancy




What was your favorite blog post this week? 

More importantly, whats your favorite type of wine? 

The Look // Yellow Gold

It all started with a 60% of sale items email from Gorjana this morning and then there was the email from the Paper store featuring Alex & Ani bracelets and my growing attraction to all things yellow (I think its only because I am currently a ginger with a tan, in the middle of winter you won’t find me anywhere near the color yellow) and lastly the In Pink  email from last night with that bib necklace and I knew I had to do a “The Look” on Yellow Gold but I couldn’t leave you with just 3 items so I checked out Nordstroms for their Kate Space watches and found two – one an everyday watch and one if I could by every  watch out there this would be one of them  and the rounded the post with a search for a long yellow gold layering necklace from Stella & Dot.

Dark Topaz Luze Bead Bracelet Alex & Ani

The Paper Store – Alex & Ani // Dark Topaz Luxe Bead Bangle // $38.00

Gorjana Sunset Hexacon Ring in Fuschia


Gorjana // Sunset Hexagon Ring in Fuscia // $16.00 (using the code SUMMER60 at checkout!) 


Finding Bead and Ribbon Bib Necklace

In Pink // Findings Bead and Ribbon Bib Necklace // $65.00

Kate Spade Gramecy Watch

Nordstroms – Kate Spade New York // Gramercy Resin Link Bracelet Watch // $225.00 

Devon Layering Necklace Stella and Dot


Stella & Dot // Devon Layering Necklace // $49.00

Metro Geo Print Kate Spade Watch

Nordstoms – Kate Spade New York // Metro Geo Print Leather Strap Watch // $195.00


What are you wearing in yellow gold these days? 


The Look // Coral and Blue

While I am still trying to refrain from shopping until I clean out my closet and dresser before the move (update on the 45 days of organizing coming soon!) I still can’t help but window shop online! Today all things Coral and Blue were catching my eye.


Coral Color Block Harper Tote

I recently bought my youngest nephew a beach towel from PB Kids and was added to their email list at checkout. Typically I just delete before browsing so that I am not tempted to buy anything, but today’s 40% sale on beach bags sparked my interest, I’m a sucker for a good tote.  I fell in love with the Color Block Harper Tote in Coral above (which also comes in this design in navy and aqua!) and though it claims to be baby bag I thought it would be perfect for the beach! It’s on sale for $39 (down from $49.50), can be monogrammed, and ships for free!

Target C9 by Champion womens run shorts


I am the first to say it that my body type and running shorts don’t mix, I carry most of my weight below my belly button making it nearly impossible to find a pair of regular shorts that fit properly (I’ve been wearing GAP’s boyfriend shorts since last summer, but purchase them in a size larger so they don’t camel toe me – you needed that visual on a Friday morning didn’t you?) let alone running shorts. But with fitness and weight loss being a priority these days I want to make it a goal to wear and LIKE running shorts next spring/summer and when I saw these on Carrots N Cake this week I decided to make them my inspiration piece. They are part of Target’s C9 Champion Collection. The above retails for $16.99 but the coral pair is on clearance for only $11.99!


Factory Printed Racerback Maxidress


Continuing on the coral and blue theme is this JCREW Factory racerback maxi dress that is on sale now for $46.50 (down from $118!)


Factory Woven Trim Caftan

And this caftan also from JCREW Factory, which bloggers Caycee and Natalie both picked up this week and Cassie featured in white/yellow! Seem everyone in the blogging world loves this style and it’s on sale for $44.50!

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace

To round out this coral and blue fixation I am having I wanted to share this Kendra Scott necklace that I’ve been seeing all over the blogosphere this year, the Rayne necklace is available in 25 different colors but my personal favorites are the above cobalt,  the yellow, or the navy cats eye. Retails for $80, but Caycee shared on her blog today the coupon code RAYNE20 to save 20%!


What’s your favorite color combo these days?

Shopping is my Cardio

Shopping is my cardio


I am having that urge, you know the urge to go spend your entire paycheck on new clothes and accessories. Well it’s a good thing for my bulging closet, my goal to purge, and well the non-existent money in my wallet that I had to pay rent, my airfare for  Nashville and two bills with this week’s paycheck that I won’t be helping the economy this weekend. But if I was here’s what I’d be buying..

Gabby Skye


TJ Maxx// Gabby Skye Woven Waist Tie Dress // $29.99

Dorthory Perkins Blush Print Maxi Dress

Dorothy Perkins // Blush Print Maxi Dress // $69.00


BCNU Baseball Jacket

Nordstroms // BCNU Print Baseball Jacket // $26.40

Report Shoe

DSW // Report Simba Flat // $39.95

Jcrew Chino Shorts

J. Crew Factory  // 5″ Chino Shorts in Vanilla Multi // $27.00


JCrew Factory Pop Over

J. Crew Factory // Factory Placed Stripe Popover in Navy // $25.50 


Some summer (shorts, dresses) and some fall (jacket, popover). I used to be the girl who would find one thing she loved and buy it in every single color it came in but as I’ve gotten older (and the longer I’ve lived with Jenn) the better I have gotten about choosing some more versatile pieces. I’m trying to hold off on shopping until I drop a size, save a little for a splurge day, and purge enough to make it fit!

What are you shopping for this weekend? 

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I was never an at-home nail painter until I was introduced to the Essie line around 3 years ago and since then 12P has a collection of 20+ polishes, recently I’ve seen the nail decals and have been wary about trying them but seeing these leopard print amazingness on Aubrey Kinch’s blog  I am definitely going to try some out!













I have a deep love for the Clinton’s (don’t tell my dad) and it’s not because I am die hard democrat or because I think adultery is cool, I just have always loved their personalities much like how I love that the Obamas have embraced pop culture and social media (I know I’m not the only one following Michelle on Instagram) so of course Hilary’s book is on my B&N wishlist, it’s also probably because they raised an awkward teenager in the White House and I felt her pain, it was bad enough being overweight with glasses, braces and acne in my middle and high school, imagine doing it in the public eye, eessssh. Anyways I came across the Political Memoir Generator created by Time Magazine on BzzAgent Jono’s Twitter Page, here’s my future memoir’s suggested title:

Time Magazine Memoir Generator1
I’ll take it!


Was I the only one that binge-watched Season 2 of Orange is the New Black this week? I can’t wait another six months to a year for season 3 so I’m devouring every article I can find on the show and the real-life situation including this one, this one, and this one (spoiler alert!!!) and these too.

We all could learn something from Taylor Stewart  #kindnesscounts

I succumbed to a sponsored post on Facebook today when I saw the cute dresses in the add for JollyChic.com, if I were two sizes smaller and not trying to save, save, save I probably would have bought this, this and this!  Oh and don’t forget about this! Has anyone ever bought anything from JollyChic.com?*



*I promise I learn for my next week how to install the slider of images to show off clothing and accessories that are on my wishlist, I just need to figure out how!










Not making the grade, should I upgrade?

Should I be embarrassed to admit that I am still using an iPhone 4? Should I be even more embarrassed that my nearly 73 year old father has one step up from mine, the iPhone 4s? My phone loses battery life so quickly I carry a charger everywhere I go and have been known to ask bartenders/hostesses if I can be seated near a plug (#smartphoneproblems), the quality of my photos is so laughable that even an instagram filter usually doesn’t help (see below), and lets talk about the fact that my run keepers GPS is faulty, and my google maps shuts off mid turn.

iPhone 4IMG_6002

So I’ve been contemplating, do I upgrade to the iPhone 5S through Verizon for $99.99 now, do I wait until September when Apple hopefully releases the iPhone 6 and probably pay $200+,  do I jump back into the Android market? Or do I start reading some blogs on how to make that iPhone 4 work for me?   I know most of  you bloggers out there would say I should really make the investment into a DSLR, I’d rather make a quick and dirty decision on a phone that has so many other uses to me and do some indepth research on what DSLR will work for me.

I almost bit the bullet yesterday and hit up Verizon, but I read a few blog posts that total me to turn off my Location Services and my battery would stay charged longer and my phone would accept a charge, thus far its worked. I’ll report back if I throw the thing out the window anytime soon!

What kind of phone are you using?

What would make you switch from iPhone to Android or vice versa?