Blog Everyday in July: Day #1

Some lovely blogger ladies are doing a blog everyday in July challenge and I thought I’d give it ago myself. Today’s topic is Canada Day (you can see the rest of the list below), so since the only things I really know about Canada have to do with Tim Horton, Robin Sparkles, and an ill-planned poster Toronto Stronger poster, and that Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling while filming Top Chef Canada.


Tim Horton’s 

If you know me you know I love a good doughnut so if I am to travel across the border my first stop will likely be Tim Horton’s to try their  Creamy Caramel Iced Capp Supreme and Honey Cruller.

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Robin Sparkles

I have officially watched every single episode of How I Met Your Mother and was incredibly disappointed with the ending. As much as I love Robin, and her alter ego Robin Sparkles, I was beyond pissed they killed off the “mother” and divorced Barney and Robin. I guess it was more of a “reality” ending, but can’t everyone just be HAPPY!!!



 Toronto Stronger

Lets talk about that ill-planned “Toronto Stronger” poster brought to a game by a Maple Leaf’s fan. I’m from Boston, I had a number of friends who were within a block or two of the Boston Marathon bombings and though I understand that everyone is untitled to their on opinion, I thought it was in poor taste to “poke fun” at a phrase that united a city and I was happy to read articles in the days following Game 3 about how many of his fellow Canadians agreed he was just a disappointment. (I’m not giving a picture of his sign the time of day on my blog).

Dean McDermott

I love reality TV. I love Tori Spelling (DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!). I love Dean McDermott. I’ve loved all of their TV Shows (Inn Love, StoriBook, and now True Tori). I literally couldn’t peel my eyes away from the train wreck that was the True Tori show because I felt for her and I was so happy that she slammed him for not only hurting her family, and her children, but doing it so PUBLICLY. I hope that they pull through, but one of the last couple’s I said I loved was Sandra Bullock and Jesse James when he was crying when she won an Oscar for the Blind Side and then 10 days later it was announced that he was a cheating scumbag. So best of luck to you Tori, keeping making some damn good reality shows.


And that my readers is what I know about Canada. I guess its time to open up a geography/history book.





Here is the list they developed: 
July 1st: Canada Day – Yes, this is a real thing (for all of you Americans that don’t know about it).. it’s similar to Independence Day. Since joining this blog-world, I find I’m often asked ridiculous hilarious questions about Canada.. so I’m going to share some Canadian knowledge with y’all.
July 2nd: Guilty Pleasures – You know all those things that you really love but maybe don’t want to admit that you really love.
July 3rd: Update on Getting Uncomfortable in 2014 – What have you done out of your comfort zone this year? 
July 4th: Independence Day – All things ‘Murica
July 5th: Super Powers – Which super powers have you always wished you had? Well today, you have them. Tell us all about it.
July 6th: Things You’ll Never Do – Like never, ever, ever. 
July 7th: Things That Make You Smile – Y’all love making lists right?
July 8th: Things You Do When You’re Alone – Share all your secrets with us. Points for those of you that mention not wearing pants when you’re alone.
July 9th: Most Embarrassing Story – Some of us have a ton to pick from. Share with us something really embarrassing you’ve done in your life.
July 10th: Favorite Things to do in the Summer –Want to write a bucket list? Want to share your favorite summer activities? Today, we are celebrating summer.
July 11th: Funnies on Pinterest – Click on over to the humor section on Pinterest and then come share your favorites with us.
July 12th: Five People – Tell us five people (dead or alive) that you would like to have dinner with.
July 13th: One Thing You Cannot Live Without – Anything goes, well anything except a person or an animal. It has to be a thing.
July 14th: Finish the Sentence – We will give you a few statements, you finish the sentence. Come back from these a little later.
July 15th: Write a Letter to an Inanimate Object – Tell Chick Fila how much you love it, or tell your iPhone how you couldn’t make it without it. The funnier, the better.
July 16th: Top 3 Favorite Blogs – The one that makes you laugh, the one that makes you cry, or even the one that just has a really pretty blog design. Share your 3 favorites with us!
July 17th: All About Your City – Take us on a tour of your city. It can be the city you were born in or the city you live in now. Just tell us everything there is to know about where you call home.
July 18th: Five Favorites – We wanna know about your new favorite song, lipstick, or even new candle from Bath & Body Works. Share the goods, y’all!
July 19th: Switch Day – Today you get to switch places with anyone. How would your day go? What would you do? Would you want to switch back at the end of the day?
July 20th: Would You Rather – Ever played that game where you’re given 2 choices and you HAVE to pick one? Come back for your choices later!
July 21st: Your Day in Gifs – We all love gifs around here and we really love multiple gifs in one post. We’re doing that today.
July 22nd: Things That Make You Go ‘Hmm” – Ever think about something and just wonder why it is the way it is? Share your ‘hmm’ moments with us.
July 23rd: Currently (reading, writing, listening, thinking, smelling, wishing, hoping, wearing, wanting, loving, needing) – Tell us what you are currently doing when it comes to these topics.
July 24th: Throwback Thursday – Breakout the baby pictures and start looking up how much a gallon of gas used to cost. We want to know what the world was like the year you were born.
July 25th: Favorite apps – What apps can you not live without? We need to know them.
July 26th: A Picture An Hour  – If you need to set alarms, that will work. But take one picture an hour for 12 hours and share them with us.
July 27th: Interview Someone – We’ll supply the questions, you pick the person.
July 28th: 3 Pictures – Share your favorite pictures. 1 of anything, 1 you took, and 1 selfie.
July 29th: All About You – Tell us 5 things you love about yourself
July 30th: Sorry Not Sorry –  Confess all of your ‘sorry not sorry’ moments with us.
July 31st: Blogging is Hard – We’re all done! Now celebrate by telling us why blogging can be so hard sometimes!
31 days of topics. We’d really love for you to join us everyday, but we understand if you can’t. Wait. No we don’t understand. All 31 days, let’s do this!