#100HappyDays – Week 6

With this post I’ll be officially caught up with my #100happydays! I slid in a post yesterday on my fall favorites from Land’s End  and I’m working on some other fun stuff for you for next week, stay tuned!


Day 35 // It’s no secret that I prefer a pool to beach any day of the week. So I was excited to learn that my nephews had passed their pool test at the YMCA and can now use the water slide. Now I hope they invite me to join!


Day 36 // It wasn’t even October yet when our landlord decided to decorate for Halloween. I get welcomed home every night by this guy and his 10 or so brothers hanging out on our fence.


Day 37 // On day 37 I finally got back to blogging after over 2 weeks away! Feels good!


Day 38 // I spent day 38 on the sidelines of Tommy and Charlie’s flag football game with these two (and their parents). I wish I could spend every day with them, but if I did I’d need a nap (clearly I’m not ready for children).


Day 39 // Sarah and I ventured into downtown Wellesley on Sunday afternoon, our first stop was Boloco to carb up for our shopping.  We picked up what we think is a great birthday present at Isabel Harvey, I could buy everything in there!


Day 40 // I had dinner at Margaret’s and her son Tyler who is 17 months old told me all about hockey (what you wear, what you equipment you use) and that he thinks his neighbor Tom drives the Zamboni (he doesn’t.). He also learned my name “Kapty” and used it all night. <3


Day 41 // I’m taking down all of my cubicle “decorations” and snapped a photo of this particular one sent to me after a day of hearing my jingle around in my a pair of shoes that had a little extra flair in them.


I want to take a quick second to shout out a Happy Birthday to my best friend and roommate Jenn, the Bert to my Ernie, I hope you like the gift we bought you on Day 39!


Is there anyone you’d like to give shout out to? Leave it the comments! 


#100HappyDays – Week 4

Another day, another #100happydays update! I want to get these posts out of the way so I can get on to my book reviews, my 101 in 1,001 updates, my September goals update, my October goals list and other bloggy stuff.  Enjoy!



Day 22 // Anyone else find it ironic that day 22 was a Taylor Swift song? I feelin’ twenty twoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. No? Ok, move on.



Day 23 // While out celebrating Ado’s birthday we ran into some pretty long service. I don’t even want to say it was bad, because the waitress and the manager were so apologetic. While it took us 20 minutes to get our drinks and over an hour for our food they then comped our meal. I wish we could say we tipped our waitress like this Iowa couple, but I ain’t rolling in the hundos, so we tipped her 30%.


Day 24 // As one of the oldest living babysitters alive who works a full-time day job I only babysit for families that are fun. You know whats fun about this family? They’ve got an adorable golden retriever puppy (you’ll see her in my next post), they’ve got this gorgeous barn, and most importantly their kids have the same TV interests as me. Case in point: Girls Meet World. If you are a late 20-early 30-something you can’t tell me you weren’t at least curious about this comeback and you also can’t tell me that you are slightly jealous that I had an excuse to catch it.



Day 25 // No one’s got a better best friend and roommate than I do. In preparation for my surgery Jenn got me my favorite tea and two books from my wishlist, Someday, Someday, Maybe and Big Little Lies!

***this is where my days get messed up slightly if you follow me on instagram – bear with me people I’m down a gallbladder and was medicated**

#day25 _ #day26


Day 26 (really 27.. oops) // I recovered from getting my gallbladder removed at my parents house in NH or as I sometimes call it “my country home”. Seriously, though my parents like less than 10 miles from Manchester, NH (NH’s “city”) and 45 miles from Boston their street is legit country. Corn fields, a full blown farm (Wilson’s), a petting zoo, oh yah and spooky world! You can actually see the stars at night too! I snapped this photo right before the meds kicked in and went sleepy city at 7:30 PM on a Saturday night.



Day 27 // Yup, nearly 30 and this guy traveled with me to my parents to assist on my recovery. Monkeys are my jam. I think they are the cutest animals ever (aside from that whole slinging poo thing they do) and I even gifted my oldest nephew (now almost 7!!!!!!) a monkey during a field trip to Babies R Us before he was 1 that he still has, his name: Bo-Bo. Here’s hoping Tommy takes him to college.


Day 28 // Speaking of nephews, they came over for dinner at my parents house on day 28! I somehow snapped photos of 3 out 4 of them (sorry Tommy!). Top left: Andrew using my SIL’s phone, he figured out Siri and kept putting the phone to his ear and saying “DADA” (thinking it was my brother/his dad calling), Siri responded “Sorry I don’t know who your father is” (the adults cried they were laughing so hard). Bottom left: Charlie and Teddy watching Spongebob after dinner and before dessert (note: whenever my nephews finish dinner at my parents house they always tell my mom “Great cook Nana!” – it melts everyone’s heart!). Right: Charlie and Teddy made me get well cards while Tommy was at school.

 I asked yesterday too,  so clearly I want to know – whats making you happy? 

#100happydays – Week 3

Since I have a few weeks of #100happydays photos to update you on,  throughout this week as to not bombard you with 20+ pictures (ooops) I’ll be posting a few at a time. Since I last shared my #100happydays pictures I’ve explored our new neighborhood, spent many a car ride #whitegirldancing to my favorite songs, and spent some quality time with my nephews.



Day 15 // Our new apartment is walking distance to Carson & M Street Beach in South Boston. Can’t wait for next summer!

#day 16


Day 16 // A few years ago Margaret sent me home “If I am Missing or Dead” and “After the Fire” and I finalllly got around to reading both, I’ll be reviewing both of them her on the blog in the coming weeks! (and maybe I’ll get around to giving them back to her..)


Day 17 // I mean if you don’t already know it I support anything to do with gingers. #gingersunite



Day 18 // It always shocked me when I know all the words to songs that came out over 20 years ago.



Day 19 // It’s important to remember to always do you.


Day 20 // This one’s older brothers decided to put themselves to sleep at 8 PM when I was babysitting. After they went upstairs he proceeded to rip off his shirt and ask if we could watch Finding Nemo, of course I obliged.


Day 21 // My first Sunday Funday with Katie and Ado was spent at Lincoln Tavern. Bloody Mary’s to die for and egg sandwich on a BISCUIT! #yum

Up next it will be some food, some friend love, and some updates on what the heck I was doing when recovering from surgery.

What have you been up to lately?

Whats making you happy these days? 

Blog Everyday in July: Favorite Photos

I think Allie, Juliette, and Faith now that we are all struggling for some content to finish up the #BlogEverydayinJuly challenge because we’ve got two pictures posts in 3 days. But I’m not complaining, this was one of my favorite posts because  I got to search in the depths of my facebook and instagram to find the perfect photos to share with you!

Challenge: a favorite photo, a photo you took, and a selfie

We Won the CUP!


WE WON THE CUP!! Last summer our bad news bears kickball team from 2012 came back with a vengeance (and some new players) to go 8-0 and bring home the cup! I spent 7 Wednesday nights in a row with these ballers and their Mighty Kicks (our team name) and it was literally like I’d won the superbowl when we brought home that W!


Turkey Morning Cartoons


Doesn’t a selfie also count as one I took?  Here’s a real selfie of my nephew Charlie, certified best hugger ever, and I watching cartoons on Thanksgiving morning.

My Favorite Photos

Two of my oldest and bestest friends in Chicago in April!  Both Jenn and Lauren were in Chicago for work and I tagged along to be a tourist! This photo was by the “Bean” that  I made them walk a million blocks to so we could have a photo op, they thanked me later.


101 in 1,001

I love the idea of a good list. Yet I’m not always great about following them and it’s something that as I get older I want to work on so what better way than working my way through a list that will take me the next 2.75 years to complete.  I thought I’d highlight a few of my pending tasks and why they are something I think is important to complete. Check out the full list here!


#5. Complete a 52-week money challenge. Are you familiar with the 52 Week money challenge? I was first introduced to it by one of my Community Educators at work who was teaching a budgeting worksheet the second to last week in December and was challenging her attendees to partake in the challenge in the new year, but I more recently started following the challenge on facebook to keep myself in check. On a particularly slow day in the office just before New Years I actually set up the 52 week money challenge, transferring money each week from my brick & mortar bank to my Capital One 360 account.   I am embarrassed to admit that my 30th birthday is just a few months away and aside from my 401K I have piddly in savings, so I thought what better way to jump-start a permanent savings plan than starting with $1 that first week. The way the plan works is that you increase your deposit by what week it is in the year; week 1 = $1, week 2 = $2, week 25 (this week!) = $25.  My current balance should be $325, but I had to rob peter to pay paul a few weeks ago (is my mom the only one that ever says that phrase?!) and I’m sitting on balance of $213 with plans to make a few extra deposits between now and the 4th of July to be back on plan. I’ll keep you all update!


#18. Take each of my nephews out for a special day. I am the proud aunt to four ADORABLE nephews. My brother and sister in law are the brave parents of T who’s 6, C who’s 5, E who’s 3, and A who is one week shy of 1.  I love spending time with them whether is watching them play sports, seeing them swim way better than me, snuggling watching a show at nana & papas, or taking a day trip with the whole family. Some of my fondest memories though as a child were the whale watch that just my aunt took my brother on (more memorable for my aunt who had to clean up my sea-sickness), the trip to Canobie Lake with my mom’s aunt and cousin, and the many shopping trips with my nana and I want to give my nephews those memories as well. Perhaps it will be an art class with C who loves to color and build things with legos, a baseball game with T who was just selected for the all-start baseball game in his league, it will probably involve food with E, and for A the world is our oyster as he isn’t quite old enough to have real interests yet.

Easter 2014
Easter 2014


#31. Say farewell to 12 Pearl. Jenn and I have joked about being buried at our current apartment. A place where at the time we started our first lease we thought we’d be at for a year, two tops. It’s been six. Over the course of those six years, we’ve had 3 roommates, hosted 5 Christmas Parties, Jenn’s fallen at least 6 times, we’ve lost at least $20 in the washing machine, we’ve set off at 36 fire alarms, we were one of the first stop on our friends love story, we lost 2 jobs, we most importantly learned how to make a cookie in a cup, and hosted Van Der Beek and Bacon (explanation at a later date). This September we are saying farewell to place we’ve called home. We decided we needed to shake things up and are moving to a new-to-us apartment with a few friends, we’re hoping that it will jump start some much needed change in our lives (as well as a few dollars into the bank account, as its $200 less a month in rent!).


#71. Post 12 DIY projects.  I LOVE DIY projects, yet I never ever do them. That’s going to change with help of this list! This past year I started following some very inspirtational bloggers, Young House Love, I Heart Organizing, and Hi Sugarplum! who have all done some really really cool projects. Like this lacquered box, this IKEA bekvam stool and the Clara Conversations book John put together for Sherry (not the traditional DIY John and Sherry are known for but I think this the sweetest idea ever!)

Young House Love


I heart organizing


Hi SugarPlum









Over the next few months I’ll highlight additional 101 in 1,001 tasks that I have chosen and explain why I choose them and how I’m progressing!


Have you ever completed a money challenge? 


What is your favorite DIY project? 


Don’t have an online savings account to start your own money challenge? Sign up for Capital One 360 here