#100happydays – Week 3

Since I have a few weeks of #100happydays photos to update you on,  throughout this week as to not bombard you with 20+ pictures (ooops) I’ll be posting a few at a time. Since I last shared my #100happydays pictures I’ve explored our new neighborhood, spent many a car ride #whitegirldancing to my favorite songs, and spent some quality time with my nephews.



Day 15 // Our new apartment is walking distance to Carson & M Street Beach in South Boston. Can’t wait for next summer!

#day 16


Day 16 // A few years ago Margaret sent me home “If I am Missing or Dead” and “After the Fire” and I finalllly got around to reading both, I’ll be reviewing both of them her on the blog in the coming weeks! (and maybe I’ll get around to giving them back to her..)


Day 17 // I mean if you don’t already know it I support anything to do with gingers. #gingersunite



Day 18 // It always shocked me when I know all the words to songs that came out over 20 years ago.



Day 19 // It’s important to remember to always do you.


Day 20 // This one’s older brothers decided to put themselves to sleep at 8 PM when I was babysitting. After they went upstairs he proceeded to rip off his shirt and ask if we could watch Finding Nemo, of course I obliged.


Day 21 // My first Sunday Funday with Katie and Ado was spent at Lincoln Tavern. Bloody Mary’s to die for and egg sandwich on a BISCUIT! #yum

Up next it will be some food, some friend love, and some updates on what the heck I was doing when recovering from surgery.

What have you been up to lately?

Whats making you happy these days? 

Fit Bit Friday #FAIL 6.27

It was just one of those weeks, we’ve all had them.  I got in two good Primal Workouts but other than that I had meager steps days and no additional workouts with the exception of the Foam Fest on Saturday in which I didn’t technically run, but I did conquer a fear of heights jumping from the Sky Fall, completed every obstacle we attempted (there was a bottleneck at the rope tent and we decided to skip it in favor of being that much closer in time to some post race beers), and left with a war wound on my left bicep from the best army crawl I have ever done.  I ate dinner out EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.THIS.WEEK. – what an epic fail; I thought My Fitness Pal was going to go bizerk because I had two days of DOUBLE calories. My Fit Bit has low battery. I don’t even have it on today, its in the depths of my over night bag. And I forgot to take pictures of the workouts at Primal. Let’s just say there was burpees, pushups, lunges, bear crawls, sprints, and a mile run on Tuesday and man-makers, crab holds, box jumps, step ups, rope climbs, ring bridges and mother f’ing lunges as well on Thursday.

Bracing myself to land!
Bracing myself to land!


So how am I going to turn this #FAIL around?

  • Purchasing a battery for the Fit Bit tonight
  • 2 mile walk and no booze tonight
  • Minimum 10,000 steps Saturday and Sunday so I start the week of right
  • Track all weekend meals in MFP

Here’s to another week!

How were your workouts this week? 

Do you use a Fit Bit?  How are you getting to 10,000 steps?