Hello! Are you still out there?

Lordy, lordy. I just signed into Life with Red for the first time in over month, readers are you still out there?

I last posted the Friday before I started my new job, which is pretty much right around the last time I did a lot of things. I finally feel as if I have a handle on my new role and that life has settled down a bit and I can devote the time and energy I originally had when I began Life with Red. I hope your still out there readers because I’m back!

But first, where have I been?

My new job // I started my new role on October 7 handling a the marketing and communications for an organization just outside of Boston. While the tasks and the responsibilities of the role are similar to my last position I am working 100x harder and about 10 hours longer a week (hence the lack of time for LWR!). I am happy to say that after 2 long years of looking for the RIGHT role, I’ve found it. I’m glad I didn’t jump ship just because everyone else was doing it and that I waited for and worked  the right role to come to me. I’m excited to have started this latest journey and I will share what I can on the job here on the blog as it relates to the day-to-day.


My nana // It saddens me to write that on the afternoon of October 11th my 91 year old nana passed away. I am completely biased because she was mine and I only had one grandparent ever, but my nana was the best grandmother ever. Growing up we did have much of a relationship outside of birthdays, holidays, and the annual back to school shopping trip because my nana was a traveling fool. Every time we saw her she’d be off to another trip- Las Vegas, Bermuda,you name it Nana’s seen it. But when my parents moved to NH almost 8 years ago she became my co-pilot on holiday visits, I think because she hated my uncle’s driving. It was on those hour-long road trips to and from my parents house that nana would tell me stories – stories about her younger years, her trips, my grandfather, my mother, and the latest family gossip – and it was also a time when she reassured me that it was okay to be single and poor as long as I was happy. We held a wonderful service for her that contained more laughter than tears, including my mothers speech which married me off – telling those there to remember her that nan had seen her four grandchildren get married. Uh, mom? My dad leaned over and thanked me for saving him money on the reception. I know she was looking down at us giggling at my mom’s mishap and winking at me wondering who the gentleman seated at the back of the room was.

Nashville Pedal Tavern

Nashville // I spent the weekend of my 30th birthday celebrating with 10 of my friends in Nashville, TN. I drank a lot of angry orchard, shot a lot of fireball, sang a lot of Wagon Wheel, bartended a pedal tavern, nursed a serious hangover, sang on two stages, got ice’d, was serenaded by an entire bar, and ate a lot of hot dogs over the course of four days. I will work on a full recap post for you soon!


Now where am I going?

Since returning from Nashville I have put in my first two full weeks of work, almost fully retired from babysitting, attended an inspiring breakfast (hint, hint you’ll be hearing about that soon), had a suite view for the Bruins, and began thinking about the future of Life with Red. I am working on a few product reviews, recaps, 101 in 1,001 updates, and have my fingers crossed to do a collaboration with some bloggers to celebrate one of their recent milestones!

Bruins Game

I hope your still reading and I hope you’ll stick with me as I iron out a new posting schedule and get my groove back!

I’ve missed this…

It’s been a whirlwind last few weeks that left me neglecting Life with Red until normalcy was regained and now I come back to you with a fresh outlook, an announcement, and one less gallbladder…


Let’s start with “golly” as I like to affectionately call my gallbladder. I can’t remember if I have fully written about the issues I was having with my gallbladder, but it all start back in March when I was in Florida visiting my new-to-me friends Erin and David with my friend Nikki (sidenote: I’ll be writing a little bit more about E&D next week, because not only are they two of the nicest people I have ever met and I felt like I had known them forever after just a few hours with them, they also run a charity, High Socks for Hope and I want to share  all about what they are doing and how you can help while you are online shopping!). We’d gone out to The Moon Under Water in St. Petersburg, FL for British/Indian food – yes I know strange combination, but it really did satisfy everyone’s appetite that night- and I woke up in the middle of the night with this SHARP pain under my breastbone that was traveling all the way into my back. I didn’t know what to do, I tried walking around, I tried laying down, I tried drinking a glass of water, and Nikki and I even contemplated going to the ER and then after almost an hour the pain miraculously passed.

This same incident proceeded to happen once or twice a month until July when at my yearly physical I mentioned it to my doctor, direct orders to get an ultrasound and x-ray within the week were given. What did the find? According to the surgeon at least a dozen gallstones with a few of them measuring in size between a penny and quarter. Surgery was needed. On Sept 12 (two weeks ago) I had my first ever surgery and spent the first night I can ever remember in the hospital to remove my entire gallbladder stones included. Well, let me just tell you. Getting your gallbladder removed isn’t fun.  Luckily, they did my surgery laparoscopicly leaving me with only 4 small incisions (that I haven’t even seen yet because the bandages are still on) but oh-my-lanta was my back in pain for almost a week post-surgery, because of your lack of being able to do #2 (I thought that was the most politically correct way to say it without going too TMI). I stayed at my parents for about half the recovery period (I was out of work for a week) and though they said I was moving around with ease your body just aches. Monday is my post-op appointment and fingers are crossed that everything goes well and we can go back to our regularly scheduled programming. Oh, and added bonus I’m down 12 pounds. Maybe removing “golly” was all I needed to jump-start a healthy lifestyle.

Now what makes getting surgery worth it? My announcement. The night before my surgery I found out that as of October 7 I’ll be able to cross #41 off the list. GET A NEW JOB. I accepted a position at an organization in a nearby town as the AVP, Marketing Communications Coordinator and will be handling their public relations, website, and internal and external communications and I’m sure a whole lot more! I received a nice raise that hopefully will allow me to cross off #13 soon! I’m super excited to start this next chapter in my life, all before I turn 30 next month!

This next week will be spent updating you on my #100happydays, recapping some of my completed 101’s, and working on some fresh ideas for Life with Red.