Book Sale?

If you’ve been reading Life is Red from the beginning (you know, all month!) then you know that at the end of August my roommate Jenn and I are moving after 6 years! Ernie and Bert as we often refer to ourselves as are staying together and moving in with some great ladies on the other side of the Tip O’Neill Tunnel. If you are from Boston, you know what a big deal it is to move to the SOUTH side of Boston when you are from the NORTH side of Boston, it’s downright crazy (some sarcasm, some truth).



Anyways,  I posted a few weeks ago that we purged from our DVD collection by trading in using Amazon Trade-In and Sell DVDS Online and since then I’ve been scouring the internet to find a place to buy the insane amount of books I have on my shelves.  I haven’t had much luck though, most book trade in sites want text books and though I’ve learned a lot from Jane Green and Danielle Steele I don’t those count. I could use but I feel like I am just one of millions trying to sell there and I’d rather do a trade-in because of the guaranteed payment and I’m not waiting months and months to possibly sell my books. Which led me to wonder what if I took a cue from all the fashion bloggers out there who sell their clothes and accessories on their blog and do a book sale!


So readers what do you think, should I do a book sale?


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