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Today’s Read with Red is focused on writing, my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Robertson would be so proud (I wish I could insert my 3rd grade class photo in here now). I first decided I wanted to write a book sitting in church on Easter of 1991 when I penned “Six Little Bunnies” during the while kneeling on the pew half listening to the priest (again something I wish I had a picture of!). I brought up my desire to write a book following a love affair with Dawson’s Creek and a drama filled summer post-college and even drafted the prologue to “Quannopowitt Creek” and I’ve toyed with it here and there ever since and even put #9 on my 101 in 1,001 list – write the first chapter.


We’ve all got a story to tell. College Prepster  Carly Heitlinger featured a guest post this week by Maxi McCoy on why you should write your first book now. Everything in her post rings true but the first two resonate the most – we’ve all got a story to tell and it’s more possible than we think. This summer and into the fall I am going to be working on narrowing done the direction I want to go with my book and put some pen to paper or more likely finger to keyboard on that first chapter. As Maxi recently posted on her blog “you never know who you are inspiring..”

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Young House Love is coming back with Book #2!  It’s not surprise that I love Young, House, Love and I was amped to see that they made the official announcement that they are working on book #2 set to be released in 2015.  I don’t even own a home and I love love love book #1, it also makes me think I have no business trying to be a DIYer – but I’m going to try anyways! It’s inspiring to see what has transpired for Sherry and Jon over the last few years from full-time work to full-time blogging, three houses, two babies and a whole lot of amazing projects it makes you think that anything is possible. I also secretly hope that they use the below cover.

Young House Love Back in the Habit

So after being inspired by the above I am looking into taking a class at BCAE  on writing your first novel likely in the Fall.


A short and sweet Read with Red today, I blame it on the pending holiday weekend.

What are you reading this weekend?

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  1. Hey Kathleen! So glad you found the post useful…can’t wait to see where your book direction goes. Write it now write it now write it now 🙂

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