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Does anyone else open their web browser before opening their email when the arrive at the office each day? Maybe it derives from working in MarComm, constantly checking what our competitors are saying on social media or checking in on our latest press release but I literally don’t know what to do when our server goes down at work (which happens more often that I like!) as most of the applications I use are web-based! Why bore you with this mumbo-jumbo about how I start my day? Because during those 8+ hours at my desk each day I always come across a story that makes me laugh, cry, or cringe (hello, THOUGHTCATALOG!), a outfit or accessory that needs to be pinned (does anyone else still feel like Pinterest is the best thing since ever?), a blog that YOU need to read NOW, or a GIF you need to see like yesterday, thus the introduction of my weekly “Read with Red” series.


Have tissues on hand when you watch how this alzheimers patient doesn’t forget what love is (you might need tissues!)

On Day 5 of the 30 days abs challenge  and I want to cry, since the last time I probably used my abs for anything else but laughing was probably high school

Have you seen what’s in Design Darlings summer bag? Note to self: find your VB summer tote and fill it with cute accessories like DD does; that will distract from the lbs that need to be lost for bathing suit season, right?!?

No DUH, I love a good ironic piece of clothing (like my #rockitlikearedhead t-shirt!) and I love the way Brie has style this outfit keeping it girly and laid back at the same time

The minute I start thinking about how I need to cut back on sweets I find this recipe; peanut butter cookies and marshmallows need I say more!

I’ve been dying to put some DIY into action for some sort of artwork on my walls in my bedroom and I love this simple project I saw on Pinterest; so easy I bet I can get my nephews to help! (though so frustrated that the link to the project leads to no where!)


Have you ever teared up at your desk watching a video/reading a story?

What are you reading this weekend?



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