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This here marks post #11 on Life with Red and I’m nearly ready to actually put it out there to friends and the social world that I’ve started writing a blog again. My roommate Jenn, who could moonlight as a detective, wasn’t even privy to this blog until a mutual friend mentioned she’d saw my web address on my instagram account had changed. Shocked and ashamed that she hadn’t figured it out first Jenn set forth to read all my posts and gave me these encouraging words “I found your blog, I like it! But you need to post! Don’t be one of those bloggers who miss days! Don’t leave me hanging… it ended, and I wanted more.” So Jenn, this post is for you.

I created a secret pin board for articles and such to read more about blogging including this article from Helene in Between on building your blogging community. I am all about trying to build this blog and I will take any advice I can get!

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Jackie from Jade & Oak wrote a post last week about lifestyle bloggers that I’ve gotten back and read a few times because though I am still building this here blog of mine, I think that’s what it is, a lifestyle blog.

Did you think before you started your blog? I did and didn’t, I have always enjoyed writing and was missing the outlet that the initial blog I started had given me, my favorite part of the day is opening my feedly and reading what YOU are writing about, and I love sharing my recommendations and thoughts on products, services and the customer experience (that’s a post for another day though!) so I gave it a go. Now that I’ve launched I am thinking a little bit more about what Michelle has to say about what to think about when starting a blog and first and foremost I am happy I started with wordpress and as time progresses I believe so will my blog and my vision for my blog.

Jenn, my lovely roommate that I mentioned above, and I constantly talk about how people actually have time to do things in the morning and how we see that virtually impossible. You know what I am talking about, people who make coffee or breakfast at home and who actually sit at the table, whether it be coffee or kitchen, enjoying it. Or the people who just SIT down at all after putting their two feet on the floor from bed to exiting the house. I can’t by any means wrap my head around how people have time to do it. Stephanie from not entirely perfect laid out her honest outline of her morning and while I appreciate and do a few of her list including the multitude of alarms, the current Netflix binge on in the background (for me it’s Greys Anatomy and I’m currently towards the end of season 2, or as I like to call it the “Denny days”) but the make coffee and have time to browse the internet it just doesn’t happen for me, though I wish it did. So those who can, please teach me your ways!!!

The "Denny" Days
The “Denny” Days


One of my favorites, Erin at Living in Yellow, featured Bonnie on her blog today. Bonnie talks about 28 secrets to growing up. I couldn’t agree more with her entire list. I live and breathe by dry shampoo, I sleep better when my room is clean, ice cream fixes pretty much anything, unfortunately my dishes won’t wash themselves, and I always feel better post workout than I do pre-workout and usually better than mid-workout too. I feel like I need to learn to give more people the benefit of the doubt, stop investing energy in things I can’t change, and start doing things that I can complete in 60 seconds now instead of next week. Basically Bonnie is a wise woman, and Erin’s a smart girl for featuring her and her infinite wisdom.


Apparently today’s reads were focused on blogging and routines/rules to live by, I wonder if this series will have a sort of kinda theme every week?


Bloggers, any suggestions on what to read to help to continue to grow this little blog of mine? 

Readers, do you have time to do something other than run around like a chicken with its head cut off before work in the morning? 


6 thoughts on “Read with Red 6.26

  1. Aw thanks 🙂 haha well you should see me before I have my coffee! I don’t think I could leave without drinking it, I’d probably get lost on my way to work… But really, I do like to make the effort to have at least a half hour to just chill out, otherwise my day seems more stressful!

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout! i need to read some of those posts that I missed! I never know if my posts are effective so it’s good to know this was somewhat helpful!

  3. thanks for the mention! and yeah i was confused about the direction of my blog for awhile until i finally just admitted/realized it was just a lifestyle blog and that works for me 🙂 as for mornings, i wake up as late as possibly so i can sleep in, so i have zero time for anything besides just getting ready. i love my sleep!

  4. I love reading posts like these…so many bloggers have such great advice and tips. I’m constantly learning something new and pinning great ideas. I had one post about tips that work well for me and one post about building your blogging tribe. I found little things can make a big impact on your blog. Finding bloggers like yourself that you can turn to for advice and support means a lot. It’s funny, I have become close with a few bloggers that I will more than likely never meet in person. Blogging has brought some wonderful people into my life. BTW, I think all of the bloggers you have mentioned are wonderful!!

    1. It’s funny even in the few weeks that I’ve been blogging I have found support in bloggers I’ve been reading forever, and I love it! You’re right you likely will never meet your readers/other bloggers in real life but its awesome to build a community online!

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