45 Days of Organization

We all know I love a good list, hence the 101 in 1,001 so when I came across this image on one of my Pinterest boards from a blog post of Officially Different’s from 2011!

40 Days of organization


And with the pending move at the end of August I decided to come with my own version, except I am extending it 5 additional days, to keep me going through closer to our move date! We’ve lived at 12P for 6 years and though we tend to keep the place livable, we’ve got 6 years of clutter, stuffed drawers, bulging closets, and unnecessary goodness bursting at the seams.  This little list of mine will help get closer to knocking #66 off the list.

Without further ado here’s my list:

45 Days of Organizing

I’ve got to point out that it was as I upload this nice neat list of my 45 Days of organizing that #27 says “Soak Drawer” yeaaaaah, thats suppose to be SOCK drawer. I’m not rewriting nor re-uploading and sorry, I’m not sorry #bloggerproblems.

I’ll check in every now and again to let you know I’m doing!


Do you ever make lists like this to help you through some mundane tasks?


3 thoughts on “45 Days of Organization

  1. that’s a great idea – i’m working on going through rooms and draws an closets to get things cleaned up as well. good luck with your organizing!

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