My Blog Fail

OMG guys, I had an epic blog fail today.  A few weeks ago I saw that one of my favorite fashion bloggers Kristin Clark of Living in Color Print had updated her Pinterest board cover images and organized her pins and because I’ve been bit by the organization bug and well also the procrastination bug for anything that’s on my ACTUAL to-do list I decided it was time to make this happen. I created images using photoshop and uploaded to my pin boards making it easier for me to see what I am working with and you to navigate my pinterest boards (hint, hint go follow me on Pinterest!). With the transformation completed on Pinterest I decided to see what else I could to avoid doing work, errr I mean to update my blog. Enter my epic fail.



I’ve been reading more and more blog tutorials like My Style Vita // Blogger Q&A and Venus Trapped in Mars // Saturday Session Blogging Tutorials so that I can make my blog a better place for you the reader and decided it was time to add a signature to the end of each of my blog posts. Enter Sarah’s tutorial on this (note: READ THE ENTIRE TUTORIAL BEFORE DOING IT YOURSELF). I get all the way through step 4 when I realize this tutorial is for blogger not wordpress, womp womp. But then I think, this is the age of google so I find ChiWei’s tutorial on One Dog Woof  which I think will work (AGAIN! READ SOMEONE THE TUTORIAL BEFORE DOING IT YOURSELF). I followed the code for the “Code & Social Media Buttons” and inputted into my functions.php hit save and refresh. Now I had double signatures, one with clickable links to my social media streams and one without.  So then I go into try to finagle it and well someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing should NEVER finagle. I hit save and got the dreaded PARSE SYNTEX ERROR and my site went DOWNNNNNNN. Luckily I was able to find a WordPress tutorial that told me I couldn’t fix it through my dashboard (where I had made updates to the functions.php) that I had to go into the back end, then my computer at work wouldn’t let me into the back end (cue sweat on the forehead — I was worried about you 20 readers I have) and was able to log into the back end on my phone and restore to this mornings backup. Which is where we are right now, back to the same place we were at 7:02 AM this morning thanks to GoDaddy!

I’ve created my signature and the links using but now I am at a stand-still until I find another tutorial that will work for me. I’ll be spending the weekend trying to figure that one out and seeing what else I can implement based to make this blog a place you want to visit!

Anyone have any ideas?

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