Just call me “Ginger” Rogers

Remember when Wesley Snipes told Woody Harrelson that white men can’t jump?


Well, this white girl can’t dance. Think Albert (Kevin James) in Hitch.

Growing up I was a tom-boy who would rather play scram ball or electronic survivor shot with my brother and the boy across the street than play pretend or take a dance lesson with the girls down the street.

Probably my favorite game ever!
Probably my favorite game ever!

Since I played softball and soccer my mom never made me take a dance class and up until two weeks ago, I didn’t blame her one bit.  Since starting at my company 6 months ago my co-worker Elaine has been trying to get our friend Katy and I to come to her dance class, she teaches a Broadway Jazz Adult Dance class conveniently located across the street from her house a few towns away from our office. Katy and I  had a week off from our bootcamp class and decide to give it a whirl (or a twirl as it would so happen…) because her house is also conveniently located a mere 2 miles from Smashburger. Well let me just tell you I’m a natural (insert eye roll, cough, eye roll, laughter).


Pre-class Elaine is showing me some moves!



Please note the sequins hat was just a prop and quickly ditched when other people showed up.




During one of breaks, I believe after we practiced the Legally Blond bend & snap.



Well deserved dinner of champions! (not photographed – the milkshake we split!)

The class was a GREAT workout! I give props to people who dance for a living or well who can dance in general. Katy and I are contemplating a return. We’ll see…

Have you ever taken a class for something you should have learned as child? Dance? Swim? 



And for those who don’t know who Ginger Rogers is….

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