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3 years ago I had the idea to create a list and blog on 30 things I wanted to complete before I turned 30. Though the list has always been in the back of my mind, the blogging lasted at most 6 months.  One of those thirty goals was to fit into a pair of size 8  designer jeans with the caveat that they actually had to zip and look good, because as my roommate will tell you “just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits!” In late October of last year I was gifted a Fit Bit from a vendor at work and wore it religiously for 3.5 months before it was lost in 3 feet of snow during a frantic shoveling session here in New England but with a trip planned to Chicago in early April in which I knew there would be a whole lot of walking I stopped into Best Buy, cashed in $30 in rewards, forked over another $20 and purchased myself a replacement, the Fit Bit Zip and began tracking my steps again.

Now its June 6th and I’ve been tracking my steps for 2 months, most days coming up just short of my 10,000 a day step goal but I’ve got renewed hope and a new goal in sight. It was made officially official this past Wednesday that in 19 weeks or 133 days I’ll be boarding a jet plane with 10+ of my closest girlfriends to ring in my 30th birthday in Nashville, TN and what perfect way to celebrate that weekend than by zipping up a pair of those size 8 jeans and sliding on a pair of cowboy boots!

The goal is to lose 40lbs (2lbs a week) and go from a size 14 to a size in 19 weeks.

How I am going to do it?

  • Tracking my calorie intake with My Fitness Pal
  • Participating in a 6-week long weight loss challenge through my employer via Daily Endorphin
  • Twice weekly Fitness Class as Primal Tribe
  • Walking, Jogging,  Running, Skipping to the tune of 70,000 steps a week with my Fit Bit Zip
  • Juicing with my Bella
  • And keeping myself accountable by reporting my workouts weekly via Fit Bit Fridays posts here on Life with Red!


I’ll start with a look at my Fit Bit Dashboard for June 1 – June 5:

Fit Bit Week1







Workout Roundup Week 1:

Sunday: Does walking to brunch in Hoboken count? Nah, ok.  #FAIL
Monday: #FAIL
Tuesday: 1st class of 8 week session with Primal Tribe consisted of the following test:

Primal Test Class 1

1 mile completed in 14:17

100 squats completed with time to spare

38 knee pushups

82 step ups




Wednesday: walk 1 mile, run 1 mile (12:57!), walk 1/2 mile (all homework from training class), 6 street sprints*
Thursday:  the following workout at Primal:

6.5 Primal Class

*What are street sprints? Feeling good and less like I was going to chop off my calves I decided to add a few sprints to my workout.  The area I was doing my sprints in was less than .25 of mile, but I’ve got to start somewhere right?  Here’s a map that will better explain what I was doing:  Street Sprints

I’m thinking of the next few weeks I’ll share a little bit more on my history with working out, including 5K times, so both you and I can see if and where I making improvements. I’m also planning on taking measurements and updating this blog monthly with inches and lbs lost,  I haven’t yet decided if I actually want to share what my weight is (a girl needs a little anonymity!) but would share down X amount of lbs, X amount of inches lost.


How are you staying fit this summer? 

What are your fitness goals?

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