Fit Bit Fridays // 8.1.14

As promised (more to myself, than to you) Fit Bit Fridays are back! July was nothing more than an epic diet/fitness fail except for workouts with my trainer (more on that below..) and I was somewhat sidelined with a medical issue that is in the process of being resolved (eek, possible surgery!) but I’m determined to devote myself to the gym and healthier eating this month.

So whats up first? Friend my own My Fitness Pal (kathleenmary19) and add me on FitBit. I’m challenging myself to keep track of my nutrition and my steps for a full 31 days (apparently I like 31 day challengeswith an overarching goal to hit 310,000 steps in the month of June. Just last night I read the facebook status of a friend from elementary school who just logged their 75th day in a row of 10,000+ steps, how amazing is that!

7:18 AM Day 1: 0.00 steps
7:18 AM Day 1: 0.00 steps

And second? No cereal for breakfast. I love me some kids cereal – Trix, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles – you name it (and its got sugar in it) and I love it. I’m going to and stick egg scrambles (thanks to the microwave egg cooker Danny picked up for me!), oatmeal, fruit, yogurt/granola for breakfast. I hate eating the same thing everyday, so hopefully I can mix it up enough and not get bored.

photo (30)

Third? No take out for lunch. I’m cringing as I write this on Thursday night because I tomorrow is take-out day at work (every Friday is) and I’m going to be tempted. Luckily for me, I have my favorite (a potato) sitting on the counter just waiting for me to bake it for lunch – know I just need to find a protein and I’ll be able to tackle the take-out monster.

Fourth? No take out for dinner. I sometimes take the easy route on the way home and pick up a slice of pizza or take out from one of my local favorites just because I don’t want to cook. Not gonna happen this month. The only exception: Bob’s Foods on moving day #aintnobodygonnahavetimetocook

3 small dietary changes and a goal of 10,000 steps a day I think will help me get back on track. I’ll share with you each Friday a break down of my meals, my steps, and any additional workouts I’ve accomplished.

Speaking of, I recently ended my Primal bootcamp class and can’t tell you how happy I am with the results. We did a test during the first class, 1 mile – 100 squats in 5 minutes, 65 situps knee pushups in 5 minutes, 100 step ups and everything with exception of the mile time (damn tight calves) I improved dramatically (I just emailed my trainer for actual figures – if I don’t hear back by the time this posts, I’ll update it over the weekend!) the stat I most remember though is from the final class last Wednesday, this girl killed 20 real pushups. Might not seem like much to you, but to me it means the world!

Here’s the workout I’m doing this weekend: 

Burpee’s – 30x
Push Ups – 75x
Air Squats 150x
Mummy Sit ups – 150x
With these rules: Complete this workout at a track and keep time with a watch or phone. Anytime you rest more than 30’s run a lap (400meters). Burpees must be straight through but you can mix Push ups with Airsquats and Situps
(i.e. 10 pushups 20 air squats or 10 push ups 15 situps). The lap is your rest time, so if you get to a point where you can only do a few reps below 4-5 good time to probably jog a lap but again if you rest for more than 30’s run a lap. Record your overall time.
Anyone else wants to join me on this 31 day fitness challenge?


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