Fit Bit Fridays 6.20

Why do I always seem to forget to put on my Fit Bit Zip on first thing Friday morning?  6/13 marked the second week in a row that I forgot it (got it on today so next week should be a full week of tracking!)

Fit Bit Tracker Week Ending 6.19


I’m also including a report from My Fitness Pal of my Net Calories for the week. I’m finding it hard to stay at 1,200, really hard. All I did Monday through Wednesday was complain about how hungry I was feeling. Next week will be all about making adjustments to my foods to see if I can feel fuller with few calories.

Net Calories Week Ending 6.20.14

Workouts went a little something like this since last week:




1.2 mile walk followed by a 1 mile run all while enjoying this view of the Charles River off of Soldiers Field Road
photo (24)

Tuesday: Primal Class Circuit Workout
Air Squats 35x’s
Knee Pushups 15x’s
Step Ups 10/10
Twisting Jacks 30secs
Side Plank 20 secs each side
Goal was to do as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes. I did three complete rounds and ended off completely a 4th round of air squats and 11 of the 15 Knee Pushups.

3 mile walk

Thursday: Primal Class Workout
Block A:
Burpees 8x’s
Sumo Squat while doing heartbeats 15x’s
3 rounds

Block B:
Back, Side, Front Squats 3x each leg
High Plank 20sec or more (I did 26, 27, and 35 secs respectively)
3 rounds

Block C:
1/2 man makers 8x’s
Prone Cobra for as long as you can hold (I did 60, 70, and 90 secs respectively)
3 rounds


This week I am feeling hungry, but great! My pants seem to be fitting better and the pushups and arm workouts I’ve been doing at class have me cringing a lot less when I put on sleeveless shirts, which have been much-needed during this 80-90 degree weather we are having in New England. Yes, if you are from New England you complain when its cold AND when its hot.

I’ve got a 5K Fun Run on deck for tomorrow, but I won’t be wearing my Fit Bit because it’s the 5K Foam Fest and I’ll be high tailing my way through mud, foam, water and obstacles!


Whats your fitness plan for the weekend? 

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  1. the fun run sounds like a fun way to get in some exercise! i’ve been trying to eat more fruit lately instead of junk so that i’m full but not eating a million calories!

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