Fit Bit Fridays 6.13.14

SUGAR. HONEY. ICED. TEA. (better known as SHIT!)  Yep, thats what I say everyday that I look at my sugar intake on My Fitness Pal. Why am I such a sugar fiend? I’m not even eating snickers, it’s all “Natures Candy!” and well a teaspoon of Truvia and a leftover sugar cookie parting gift I took home from the Hoedown graduation/birthday party I went to Saturday night — but still, this past Tuesday at 2:44 PM my sugar intake looked like this for the day, hadn’t eaten dinner yet and was already in the negative!


Sugar Intake 6.10.2014

Then I remembered reading about a documentary on GMBMFB a few weeks ago about sugar and the state of our food environment, Fed Up and found it’s playing at a small small theater near me. Half of me wants to go check it out because I loved Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change which both made me more conscious that what we put into our body effects more than just our weight, but our overall health and appearance and made me put down the Starbucks Iced Tea and try a Green Juice and not only that buy a juicer; though what really put me over the edge to buy that Bella  is a story for another day! The other half of me enjoyed watching those two on Netflix in the comfort of my own home where I was likely snacking on something. Not sure which half is winning right now… will let you know if succumb to the sugar guilt and see it!

As for my workouts for the week:

Friday: 1 mile walk, 1 mile run (under 13:00 minutes!)

Mile 1










Saturday: #FAIL
Sunday: #FAIL
Monday: #FAIL
Tuesday: Primal Workout

6.10 Primal Class









Wednesday: #FAIL
Thursday: Primal Workout

6.12 Primal Class.











And my log of steps for the week:

Fit Bit Week2








To say I’m a little disappointed my workout schedule last week is a bit of an understatement, but 3 workouts is better than none and it allows me to approve upon what I’ve done.  My goal for next week 4 workouts (2 Primal, 2 non-Primal), 40,000 steps, and a little less sugar! Writing this post has given me a few ideas for my 101 in 1,001 list that I’ll be publishing later today, I love a good goal.


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