Fit Bit Friday #FAIL 6.27

It was just one of those weeks, we’ve all had them.  I got in two good Primal Workouts but other than that I had meager steps days and no additional workouts with the exception of the Foam Fest on Saturday in which I didn’t technically run, but I did conquer a fear of heights jumping from the Sky Fall, completed every obstacle we attempted (there was a bottleneck at the rope tent and we decided to skip it in favor of being that much closer in time to some post race beers), and left with a war wound on my left bicep from the best army crawl I have ever done.  I ate dinner out EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.THIS.WEEK. – what an epic fail; I thought My Fitness Pal was going to go bizerk because I had two days of DOUBLE calories. My Fit Bit has low battery. I don’t even have it on today, its in the depths of my over night bag. And I forgot to take pictures of the workouts at Primal. Let’s just say there was burpees, pushups, lunges, bear crawls, sprints, and a mile run on Tuesday and man-makers, crab holds, box jumps, step ups, rope climbs, ring bridges and mother f’ing lunges as well on Thursday.

Bracing myself to land!
Bracing myself to land!


So how am I going to turn this #FAIL around?

  • Purchasing a battery for the Fit Bit tonight
  • 2 mile walk and no booze tonight
  • Minimum 10,000 steps Saturday and Sunday so I start the week of right
  • Track all weekend meals in MFP

Here’s to another week!

How were your workouts this week? 

Do you use a Fit Bit?  How are you getting to 10,000 steps? 


3 thoughts on “Fit Bit Friday #FAIL 6.27

  1. Funny you’re posting this….my husband swears by his Fitbit. He loves it. He lost it somehow and it’s killing him. Good thing his birthday is Wednesday. 😉

    1. I lost my first fit bit during a snow storm this winter and I was devastated! I waited to cash in a few of my best buy points and got a new one and I LOVE it! I like that I am in this little competition with myself!

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