665,280 minutes or 462 days

I typed the title of this post 7 minutes ago and ever since I’ve been humming the Seasons of Love from Rent. 

It’s been 665,280 minutes or 462 days since I last posted, since then I survived Boston’s snowpocalypse 2015 with the help of copious amount of work-from-home days and lots and lots of wine, traveled to San Fransisco, cut ties with a long-term on/off relationship, was laid off from my job and enjoyed 3.5 glorious months of #funemployment which included a jaunt to Portland, ME, a few jaunts to the Cape Cod, and 5 beautiful days in Puerto Rico, became gainfully employed again, watched one of my closest friends get married, traveled to Disney World with my brother’s family, bought a new car, made the decision to finally grow up and start a “downpayment for a house fund” and most importantly to all of you decided to start blogging again.

The only way to survive snowpocalypse.
The only way to survive snowpocalypse.
First time to the West Coast
The first day of #funemployment
Heading over the Sagamore Bridge
Our favorite new spot in Portland, ME – Slab
Nothing like celebrating a new job with a trip to Puerto Rico!
The Happiest (and Busiest!) place on earth

Over the next few weeks I hope to find my voice again and start sharing with you again. I see a revamp to my 101 list, perhaps a creation of a few regular blog topics, and an update on all things happening in this life with red.

It’s been so long there probably aren’t any readers out there, but if there, give me a shout and let me know what you’d like to hear about!

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