Recipe: Mustard and Mayonnaise Chicken

Last night I had a little too much fun celebrating one of my new roommates 30th birthdays and was in desperate need of some comfort food to rid the last remnants of my whopper of a hangover. Enter mustard and mayonnaise chicken, my favorite food to cook (and eat!). MM Chicken is one of my mom’s signature dishes and it’s that one dish that my future husband whomever that may be NEEDS to enjoy (#dealbreaker) it’s also super easy and uses only 5 ingredients: boneless skinless chicken (breast or tenders), mayonnaise, mustard, cream of mushroom soup and stuffing bread crumbs.

photo 1(When making this for myself I usually use chicken tenderloins for easier portion control) 

photo 2


Mix Mayonnaise (3 tbsp) and Mustard (2 tbsp)  in a bowl (pardon my styrofoam bowl, I’ve packed are other bowls already!)

photo 3

Paint the chicken with mustard and mayonnaise mixture.

photo 4

Top with a can of cream of mushroom soup.

photo 5

Layer with stuffing bread crumbs (I used Pepperridge Farm)

photo 6

Bake for 30 minutes (or until chicken is cooked through). Periodically check the bread crumbs to ensure they are not burning, cover with tinfoil to avoid extra crispiness!


What is your favorite comfort food to cook?