Read with Red 9.5.2013

Happy Friday!

Fridays to me are for splurging on the medium iced Dunkins instead of the typical small, lunch-time take out, and 5:00 adult beverages (maybe this is why I haven’t achieved that goal weight?!!?) and it’s also for spending the day pouring over my favorite blogs between projects at work. Monday – Thursday I usually have two dedicated blog reading times, when I first arrive at work while I am eating my breakfast and just after lunch but on Fridays I like to reward myself for every task complete with a blog read or two!

I’ve been using bloglovin’ for a little bit over a week and though for a while when google reader shut down I was drinking the #haterade for bloglovin’ –  I AM IN FACT LOVIN’ IT NOW! (btw, did you know you can follow LWR on bloglovin’?) and thought I’d  share a few of my favorite reads from this past week with you which all seem to have a wine theme to them, hmm….

Kath Eats Real Food (no, no not me!) – Wine Country Trip

Kath’s a registered dietitian and blogger whom I’ve been following for some time now and recently she and her husband along with another couple headed to Sonoma for  4 days in wine country. I read her recaps of day 1 and day 2 earlier this week, this morning it was day 3 and that’s when I knew I liked Kath – on day 3 they hired a driver for their wine touring and sampling. On the other days they had switched off who was the DD but on day 3 and took full advantage of their driver’s (of Woody’s Wine Tours) recommendations and clout in the tasting world getting private tastings and picnic lunches! I’d love to visit wine country some day and when I do I’ll be searching the archives for Kath’s recommendations!

Kath Eats Real Food
(Photo credit – Kath Eats Real Food)


The Wife in Training (again, not me – no where near being a wife) – Wine Wednesday 

Let’s first talk about how jealous I am that Lindsay goes on blates (those are blog dates for those non-bloggers out there) I need to meet some more Boston bloggers and make this happen in my life! Who better to understand your need for 50 photos and new experiences to write about than another blogger? Anywaysssss back to the point: Wine Wednesday. Dry whites are usually Lindsay’s jam (her words, not mine) but girl stepped out of her comfort zone and tried a rose, a red blend, and a house cab-sav – why should you find this important? Because your taste-buds change people. I used to be a hater of all things with tomatos, refried beans anywhere near my mexican food, and white wine and guess what – my buds now love tomatoes on my burger, I had a scoop of refried beans with three meals this week (#singlegirlproblems when trying to finish the can yourself) and prefer pinot grigio over any reds (call me Ramona Singer if you want because its #turtletime).


I learned a thing or two about wines reading Lindsay’s post too – like white zinfandel is made by mixing existing whites and reds and only started in the 1980’s and that if I ever visit  Forth Worth Texas I’m hitting up Times Ten Cellars, because c’mon how cute is this place (and is there something like this that I am unaware of in Boston?!!?)

(Photo credit: The Wife in Training) 

Hosting & Toasting – Labor Day Weekend Trip

Alright, we will end off with Hosting & Toasting’s Labor Day weekend trip to Newport, RI. This week she shared her sailing attire, her lounge style, her brunch attire, and her vineyard style. I’ve added all of the below, which she featured in these posts to my shopping wishlist on Pinterest! While in Newport Britney stayed at the Ocean Cliff Resort which is absolutely breathtaking  and did a sip & sail package with 12 charters which seems like a must do for next summer!


Hosting and Toasting Inspired Wish List

I’m So Fancy




What was your favorite blog post this week? 

More importantly, whats your favorite type of wine? 

Read with Red 8.21.14

We move in less than week and after a friend introduced me to “Facebook Yard Sales” I’ve sold off two lamps, our beloved teal green 1990’s leather couch, 2 sets of end tables,  multiple handbags and designer wristlets and while I don’t think I will miss any of it reading this article on Real Simple I want to be sure I’m selling/giving these things away for the right reasons, not just to earn a buck!

Watch and more importantly listen to what the coach said to his players after they lost in the Little League World Series Monday night.


Since starting Life with Red a few months ago I’ve been reading probably tripled the amount of people I am following on my feedly, but more importantly have been reading about ways to make my blog better for YOU the reader. This article on My Style Vita has answered all my questions about sizing photos for your blog to make it more pleasing to the eye!


You’ve all read about my love affair with ThredUp and how easy they make it to sell your clothes!  They shared their advice on what to buy/what to sell on FabSugar this week, check it out if you have ever been considering online resellers. (Note: I sent articles from Loft, Gap, JCrew, Tahari, London Times and made a profit of $68.35!)


After Let it Be Beautiful posted her findings for affordable Fall Handbags for 2014 I am now coveting this Ann Taylor Mini Pebbled Signature Tote and have added it to my wishlist!



What good stuff have you read about in the blogosphere/interwebs? 







Read with Red the #FavTotalSocial Edition 7.17

Venus Trapped in Mars

Sarah of Venus Trapped in Mars and Helene of Helene in Between are hosting #FavTotalSocial today and I’ve been busy at work this week (thank you jeeeeezus!) so I thought today instead of my typical post on articles from around the web I’d let you read a little bit more about me, I took my favorites from Squidoo’s 100 favorite things quiz!

Favorite pet I ever had … Diesel the Siamese Fighting Fish 

Favorite meal out, ever … Del Frisco’s Grille Friends & Family Opening Event (steak, creamed kale, and nutella bread pudding) 
Favorite food I’ve cooked … Mustard and Mayonnaise Chicken (my mom’s recipe)
Favorite food from childhood … Dad’s grilled cheese (he used an iron to grill it!)
Favorite drink on a hot summer day (include event) …  Twisted Tea at a BBQ
Favorite conversation you’ve had with someone … discussing emoji’s
Favorite drink on a cold winter night (include event) … Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea on the couch

Favorite movie of all time … Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Favorite book of all time … Save Karyn
Teacher who changed my life, and why … Mrs. Roberston, my penmanship and Margaret’s “This spring…” report 

Favorite color … purple or navy

The best paid entertainment I’ve ever seen … Darius Rucker in Portland (meet & greet and up front!) 
10153143_729343408946_195558076_n (1)

The nearest close call I’ve ever had … chocking on a piece of steak and nearly needed the heimlich (this past weekend!) 

My favorite paid employment, ever … 7 years and 51 weeks at Giulio’s 🙂 

The favorite dessert I’ve ever eaten … Graham Cracker  pudding 

The most scared I’ve been by a bug or critter … Jenn and I’s encounter with a mouse in our bathroom

The hardest question a child has ever asked me … make it the funniest “Excuse me, is my dad your dad because you look a lot like him and NOTHING like yours” (his dad was a ginger.) 

The coolest handmade gift I ever gave anyone … the year my parents sold our house I made my mom scrapbooks of all our photos with photos like these in it 
1620568_722523910276_590355989_n 1798650_722523805486_2069973777_n

The kindest thing a stranger ever did for me … stopped and helped me pull my car out of a snow bank, they didn’t say anything to me but “Merry Christmas” 

The favorite place I have ever traveled to where I’d spend my whole life if I could? … London 

Favorite ice cream ever and from where? … Oreo from Meletharbs 

 Favorite TV rerun I could watch 50 times? … Friends 

The favorite picture I’ve ever taken?  
What are your favorite things? 

Read with Red 7.10.14

Password therapy// The last week in December my computer at work prompted me to change my password, I always used the common monikers in the past some word + year, etc. but something prompted me to make my password my daily affirmation. I was going to plugging this phrase into my computer multiple times a day at the very least five days a week for the next 90 days. I’m can’t remember if I had read this idea somewhere or came up with it on my on, but I’ve been keeping up with this practice since that day in December and it has helped me think positively ever time I log in that things will change – why? Because it worked for this guy. So it will work for me too.


Beauty Routines //  So remember when I shared my beauty routine and I said I was going out that weekend to do a complete beauty haul. Well reality set in (aka penniless) and so did a tan, whats the mean? I haven’t worn makeup aside from mascara and blush that aren’t empty I haven’t worn any makeup, I’ve also since had to dip into my shower goodies in my gym back for shampoo and conditioner oh and I’ve been using the extra conditioner I have as body wash, ya think I need to get myself to a CVS, Ulta, Sephora, Target stat or what? I’m sort of happy I’ve waited to do my binge buy because this week I’ve read about some really great products on some other blogs.


Belmondo Beauty Products
Belmondo Beauty Travel Kit
Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask
Smash Box Contour Kit
Smash Box Contour Kit


I also received my first #VoxBox from Influenster this week which featured Aveeno® Positively Radiant®  Targeted Tone Corrector to test free of charge. I’m super excited to test it out, especially since I haven’t been wearing foundation and have a few dark spots from years of acne! I swear by Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner but it’s been a bit since used any of their face products – have you used an Aveeno face product before?

Aveeno Positively Radiant












DIY // When I first began writing her on LWR I connected with the DC Ladies on Twitter (@TheDCLadies) and I instantly added them to my Feedly (speaking of Feedly, am I the only one not using Bloglovin’ ? I find Feedly to be more similar to my old faithful Google Reader and haven’t been able to get used to Bloglovin’, advise me!). Despite living 500 miles from Washington, D.C.  I am in love with their site – they chat about everything from Fashion & Beauty to Career & Money to Travel & DIY and so much more and of course I’ve bookmarked some of their dining out suggestions for whenever I visit Kate in DC. Yesterday contributor Rin Maloney shared her recent DIY Bar Tray project and now my mind is swirling about how I can apply this project to a smaller tray, maybe for jewelry or something for my dresser at the new apartment! For Christmas last year Jenn gifted me with the Design Darling Acrylic Tray (similar, mine doesn’t have background design) which if I snapped a photo right now has piles of mail, brushes, receipts, etc on it but usually displays my perfumes and lotions so I would want to make something that compliments it! I am thinking perhaps maybe a pink or orange tray with gold accents, thoughts?


DIY Bar Tray DC Ladies



This week’s Read with Red had a little bit of everything from makeup, to DIY, to daily affirmations, what are you reading about this week?

Red with Read 7.3

Today’s Read with Red is focused on writing, my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Robertson would be so proud (I wish I could insert my 3rd grade class photo in here now). I first decided I wanted to write a book sitting in church on Easter of 1991 when I penned “Six Little Bunnies” during the while kneeling on the pew half listening to the priest (again something I wish I had a picture of!). I brought up my desire to write a book following a love affair with Dawson’s Creek and a drama filled summer post-college and even drafted the prologue to “Quannopowitt Creek” and I’ve toyed with it here and there ever since and even put #9 on my 101 in 1,001 list – write the first chapter.


We’ve all got a story to tell. College Prepster  Carly Heitlinger featured a guest post this week by Maxi McCoy on why you should write your first book now. Everything in her post rings true but the first two resonate the most – we’ve all got a story to tell and it’s more possible than we think. This summer and into the fall I am going to be working on narrowing done the direction I want to go with my book and put some pen to paper or more likely finger to keyboard on that first chapter. As Maxi recently posted on her blog “you never know who you are inspiring..”

Follow Carly on Twitter @CollegePrepster  and Maxi @MaxieMcCoy 



Young House Love is coming back with Book #2!  It’s not surprise that I love Young, House, Love and I was amped to see that they made the official announcement that they are working on book #2 set to be released in 2015.  I don’t even own a home and I love love love book #1, it also makes me think I have no business trying to be a DIYer – but I’m going to try anyways! It’s inspiring to see what has transpired for Sherry and Jon over the last few years from full-time work to full-time blogging, three houses, two babies and a whole lot of amazing projects it makes you think that anything is possible. I also secretly hope that they use the below cover.

Young House Love Back in the Habit

So after being inspired by the above I am looking into taking a class at BCAE  on writing your first novel likely in the Fall.


A short and sweet Read with Red today, I blame it on the pending holiday weekend.

What are you reading this weekend?

Read with Red 6.26

This here marks post #11 on Life with Red and I’m nearly ready to actually put it out there to friends and the social world that I’ve started writing a blog again. My roommate Jenn, who could moonlight as a detective, wasn’t even privy to this blog until a mutual friend mentioned she’d saw my web address on my instagram account had changed. Shocked and ashamed that she hadn’t figured it out first Jenn set forth to read all my posts and gave me these encouraging words “I found your blog, I like it! But you need to post! Don’t be one of those bloggers who miss days! Don’t leave me hanging… it ended, and I wanted more.” So Jenn, this post is for you.

I created a secret pin board for articles and such to read more about blogging including this article from Helene in Between on building your blogging community. I am all about trying to build this blog and I will take any advice I can get!

Blog 101
Follow me on Pinterest!












Jackie from Jade & Oak wrote a post last week about lifestyle bloggers that I’ve gotten back and read a few times because though I am still building this here blog of mine, I think that’s what it is, a lifestyle blog.

Did you think before you started your blog? I did and didn’t, I have always enjoyed writing and was missing the outlet that the initial blog I started had given me, my favorite part of the day is opening my feedly and reading what YOU are writing about, and I love sharing my recommendations and thoughts on products, services and the customer experience (that’s a post for another day though!) so I gave it a go. Now that I’ve launched I am thinking a little bit more about what Michelle has to say about what to think about when starting a blog and first and foremost I am happy I started with wordpress and as time progresses I believe so will my blog and my vision for my blog.

Jenn, my lovely roommate that I mentioned above, and I constantly talk about how people actually have time to do things in the morning and how we see that virtually impossible. You know what I am talking about, people who make coffee or breakfast at home and who actually sit at the table, whether it be coffee or kitchen, enjoying it. Or the people who just SIT down at all after putting their two feet on the floor from bed to exiting the house. I can’t by any means wrap my head around how people have time to do it. Stephanie from not entirely perfect laid out her honest outline of her morning and while I appreciate and do a few of her list including the multitude of alarms, the current Netflix binge on in the background (for me it’s Greys Anatomy and I’m currently towards the end of season 2, or as I like to call it the “Denny days”) but the make coffee and have time to browse the internet it just doesn’t happen for me, though I wish it did. So those who can, please teach me your ways!!!

The "Denny" Days
The “Denny” Days


One of my favorites, Erin at Living in Yellow, featured Bonnie on her blog today. Bonnie talks about 28 secrets to growing up. I couldn’t agree more with her entire list. I live and breathe by dry shampoo, I sleep better when my room is clean, ice cream fixes pretty much anything, unfortunately my dishes won’t wash themselves, and I always feel better post workout than I do pre-workout and usually better than mid-workout too. I feel like I need to learn to give more people the benefit of the doubt, stop investing energy in things I can’t change, and start doing things that I can complete in 60 seconds now instead of next week. Basically Bonnie is a wise woman, and Erin’s a smart girl for featuring her and her infinite wisdom.


Apparently today’s reads were focused on blogging and routines/rules to live by, I wonder if this series will have a sort of kinda theme every week?


Bloggers, any suggestions on what to read to help to continue to grow this little blog of mine? 

Readers, do you have time to do something other than run around like a chicken with its head cut off before work in the morning? 


Read with Red 6.18

Todays Read with Red is all about introducing to you a few bloggers that I read religiously through my feedly.  When I first started my career my first online stop after opening my email was or to catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip, maybe the older I get the more I matured as four years ago blogs started to a daily read for me and over the years I have added more and more to my list. Today I am featuring a new-to-me blogger (Kristyn), an inspirational blogger (Ali), and a fashion/style blogger (Megan), these girls have inspired me to keep on writing, to keep on running, and to keep up with my diet so I can fit into the cute clothes she features!


A great first impression, is EXACTLY how I would describe Kristyn’s DC lifestyle blog aptly named First Impressions. Kristyn started following me on Twitter last Friday after I posted my 101 in 1,001 list and I promptly returned the favor and then spent most of Monday binge-reading her blog, she’s celebrating her half-year bloggerversary this week – hope on over to her twitter page and congratulate her! She’s built quite the following in the last six months, I can only hope to be just as successful – maybe she’ll teach me a thing or two!

First Impressions


I am pretty sure I have all of the same perplexing thoughts that Ali does all the way down to wondering how some women don’t sweat. I have no idea how I stumbled open Ali’s blog last summer but I’ve been following ever since, Ali is a an avid runner suffering from Crohns Disease and shares with her readers the struggles she goes through on daily basis, the small victories (like bathroom-less runs!), fun facts, and adorable pictures of her nephew Tyler.  She recently left her job as an editor for a Dance Magazine to work with Jack Rabbit Sports (and her boyfriend!) as the Digital and Editorial manager. I love checking in on her blog to see how she is feeling, how her most recent run went and her random perplexing thoughts.

Ali on the Run


Seeing Megan of Style me Swanky’s post featuring the GiGi New York All in One Clutch just reaffirmed that I must have one for my 30th birthday. My roommate shared with me Megan’s blog probably two years ago and I love, love, love it. Megan is the epitome of a southern girl (does every northern girl want to be a southern girl from time to time, or is that just me? Megan blogs primarily about style and beauty products while sharing some of her personal life-like her wedding and her recent move and I love her recommendations, she’s the main reason I feel every outfit should feature a fancy necklace.  Now for more important things from Gigi’s summer collection I’m thinking Iris or Lime, what do you think?

Style Me Swanky

iris gigi all in one clutch Lime Gigi All in One Clutch



I created my summer reading list for the pool/beach and purchased a few of these during Barnes and Nobles’s by two get one free sale last week:


Summer Reading List 2014


Do you use feedly or bloglovin? 

Whats on your reading list this summer?

What bloggers do you follow? 



Read with Red 6.12.14

I was never an at-home nail painter until I was introduced to the Essie line around 3 years ago and since then 12P has a collection of 20+ polishes, recently I’ve seen the nail decals and have been wary about trying them but seeing these leopard print amazingness on Aubrey Kinch’s blog  I am definitely going to try some out!













I have a deep love for the Clinton’s (don’t tell my dad) and it’s not because I am die hard democrat or because I think adultery is cool, I just have always loved their personalities much like how I love that the Obamas have embraced pop culture and social media (I know I’m not the only one following Michelle on Instagram) so of course Hilary’s book is on my B&N wishlist, it’s also probably because they raised an awkward teenager in the White House and I felt her pain, it was bad enough being overweight with glasses, braces and acne in my middle and high school, imagine doing it in the public eye, eessssh. Anyways I came across the Political Memoir Generator created by Time Magazine on BzzAgent Jono’s Twitter Page, here’s my future memoir’s suggested title:

Time Magazine Memoir Generator1
I’ll take it!


Was I the only one that binge-watched Season 2 of Orange is the New Black this week? I can’t wait another six months to a year for season 3 so I’m devouring every article I can find on the show and the real-life situation including this one, this one, and this one (spoiler alert!!!) and these too.

We all could learn something from Taylor Stewart  #kindnesscounts

I succumbed to a sponsored post on Facebook today when I saw the cute dresses in the add for, if I were two sizes smaller and not trying to save, save, save I probably would have bought this, this and this!  Oh and don’t forget about this! Has anyone ever bought anything from*



*I promise I learn for my next week how to install the slider of images to show off clothing and accessories that are on my wishlist, I just need to figure out how!










Read with Red

Does anyone else open their web browser before opening their email when the arrive at the office each day? Maybe it derives from working in MarComm, constantly checking what our competitors are saying on social media or checking in on our latest press release but I literally don’t know what to do when our server goes down at work (which happens more often that I like!) as most of the applications I use are web-based! Why bore you with this mumbo-jumbo about how I start my day? Because during those 8+ hours at my desk each day I always come across a story that makes me laugh, cry, or cringe (hello, THOUGHTCATALOG!), a outfit or accessory that needs to be pinned (does anyone else still feel like Pinterest is the best thing since ever?), a blog that YOU need to read NOW, or a GIF you need to see like yesterday, thus the introduction of my weekly “Read with Red” series.


Have tissues on hand when you watch how this alzheimers patient doesn’t forget what love is (you might need tissues!)

On Day 5 of the 30 days abs challenge  and I want to cry, since the last time I probably used my abs for anything else but laughing was probably high school

Have you seen what’s in Design Darlings summer bag? Note to self: find your VB summer tote and fill it with cute accessories like DD does; that will distract from the lbs that need to be lost for bathing suit season, right?!?

No DUH, I love a good ironic piece of clothing (like my #rockitlikearedhead t-shirt!) and I love the way Brie has style this outfit keeping it girly and laid back at the same time

The minute I start thinking about how I need to cut back on sweets I find this recipe; peanut butter cookies and marshmallows need I say more!

I’ve been dying to put some DIY into action for some sort of artwork on my walls in my bedroom and I love this simple project I saw on Pinterest; so easy I bet I can get my nephews to help! (though so frustrated that the link to the project leads to no where!)


Have you ever teared up at your desk watching a video/reading a story?

What are you reading this weekend?