September Goals

This morning I came across My So-Called Chaos’ monthly goals list while catching up on my bloglovin’ and thought to myself “YOU LOVE LISTS” and you’ve been reading some of your favorite bloggers lists like these for years (my pretty pennies, give me back my five bucks) and figured what better way to get this month started than joining this link up!

My September Goals: 

– Read 2 books (just started If I am Missing or Dead last night!) and write a review of each on the blog
– Workout (gym, track, or 3+ miles walk) at least 15 days this month
– Do one last clean out of closet/stuff that made it from Medford to Dorchester in the move that really should have been sold/donated/tossed
– Keep up with my #100happydays on instagram
– Pay off my loan from my parents ($300)
– Book our pedal tavern in Nashville to celebrate my 30th birthday!
– Send some non-birthday, just because cards
– Cook 1 new recipe
– Do one FALL activity


Monthly Goals
Join the link party! 


Do you have a book recommendation for my second read for the month?

Have you been to Nashville? Any suggestions on things to see, eat, do? 

45 Days of Organizing: Update

The countdown is on! 20 days until we move! The movers have been booked, the day off has been scheduled, and more importantly the purge has been a happenin’. I wanted to update you with what I’ve accomplished since first launching my 45 days of organizing challenge. Now I’ve cheated a little and completed some of these tasks on the same day as opposed to completely one task each day.

photo (33)























As of this past weekend I’ve knocked 14 items off this list (forgot to cross #20 & #22 off before I snapped this photo)! With plans to knock some more tasks off tonight and this weekend!

photo (31)
Cleared 7 pairs of shoes as well as 2 unmatched out the closet!

Junk Drawer Junk Drawer (2)
Organized the junk drawer in the kitchen, trashing included old menus, mouse traps, and empty packaging! We can now see everything in the drawer!

photo (31)
I actually purged/organized everything in my two end tables and sold them on Craigslist! (What little I kept is now in a box to moved!)

photo 1photo 2
I donated sheets, belts, and a few clothing items to a Salvation Army Bin near our house helping me work towards goal #66

photo 1 (2)photo 3

photo 1photo 2
Creepy Tupperware – GONE! Pots and pans organized (a few donated!) and our baking cabinet cleared out and put back together!

photo (32)photo (34)
My desk at work was piled high with paper, deliveries, and junk. I spent last Thursday morning organizing, purging, and finding a home for everything.

Not pictured is our donation of glassware, a few blankets, and other random things to the local Goodwill store!

I feel like we are in a great place for the move and hopefully will be all ready by the end of next weekend leaving us with just cleaning and hole patching that last weekend!


Does organizing your life make getting through your daily tasks easier? It does for me! 


45 Days of Organization

We all know I love a good list, hence the 101 in 1,001 so when I came across this image on one of my Pinterest boards from a blog post of Officially Different’s from 2011!

40 Days of organization


And with the pending move at the end of August I decided to come with my own version, except I am extending it 5 additional days, to keep me going through closer to our move date! We’ve lived at 12P for 6 years and though we tend to keep the place livable, we’ve got 6 years of clutter, stuffed drawers, bulging closets, and unnecessary goodness bursting at the seams.  This little list of mine will help get closer to knocking #66 off the list.

Without further ado here’s my list:

45 Days of Organizing

I’ve got to point out that it was as I upload this nice neat list of my 45 Days of organizing that #27 says “Soak Drawer” yeaaaaah, thats suppose to be SOCK drawer. I’m not rewriting nor re-uploading and sorry, I’m not sorry #bloggerproblems.

I’ll check in every now and again to let you know I’m doing!


Do you ever make lists like this to help you through some mundane tasks?