Fit Bit Fridays // 8.1.14

As promised (more to myself, than to you) Fit Bit Fridays are back! July was nothing more than an epic diet/fitness fail except for workouts with my trainer (more on that below..) and I was somewhat sidelined with a medical issue that is in the process of being resolved (eek, possible surgery!) but I’m determined to devote myself to the gym and healthier eating this month.

So whats up first? Friend my own My Fitness Pal (kathleenmary19) and add me on FitBit. I’m challenging myself to keep track of my nutrition and my steps for a full 31 days (apparently I like 31 day challengeswith an overarching goal to hit 310,000 steps in the month of June. Just last night I read the facebook status of a friend from elementary school who just logged their 75th day in a row of 10,000+ steps, how amazing is that!

7:18 AM Day 1: 0.00 steps
7:18 AM Day 1: 0.00 steps

And second? No cereal for breakfast. I love me some kids cereal – Trix, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles – you name it (and its got sugar in it) and I love it. I’m going to and stick egg scrambles (thanks to the microwave egg cooker Danny picked up for me!), oatmeal, fruit, yogurt/granola for breakfast. I hate eating the same thing everyday, so hopefully I can mix it up enough and not get bored.

photo (30)

Third? No take out for lunch. I’m cringing as I write this on Thursday night because I tomorrow is take-out day at work (every Friday is) and I’m going to be tempted. Luckily for me, I have my favorite (a potato) sitting on the counter just waiting for me to bake it for lunch – know I just need to find a protein and I’ll be able to tackle the take-out monster.

Fourth? No take out for dinner. I sometimes take the easy route on the way home and pick up a slice of pizza or take out from one of my local favorites just because I don’t want to cook. Not gonna happen this month. The only exception: Bob’s Foods on moving day #aintnobodygonnahavetimetocook

3 small dietary changes and a goal of 10,000 steps a day I think will help me get back on track. I’ll share with you each Friday a break down of my meals, my steps, and any additional workouts I’ve accomplished.

Speaking of, I recently ended my Primal bootcamp class and can’t tell you how happy I am with the results. We did a test during the first class, 1 mile – 100 squats in 5 minutes, 65 situps knee pushups in 5 minutes, 100 step ups and everything with exception of the mile time (damn tight calves) I improved dramatically (I just emailed my trainer for actual figures – if I don’t hear back by the time this posts, I’ll update it over the weekend!) the stat I most remember though is from the final class last Wednesday, this girl killed 20 real pushups. Might not seem like much to you, but to me it means the world!

Here’s the workout I’m doing this weekend: 

Burpee’s – 30x
Push Ups – 75x
Air Squats 150x
Mummy Sit ups – 150x
With these rules: Complete this workout at a track and keep time with a watch or phone. Anytime you rest more than 30’s run a lap (400meters). Burpees must be straight through but you can mix Push ups with Airsquats and Situps
(i.e. 10 pushups 20 air squats or 10 push ups 15 situps). The lap is your rest time, so if you get to a point where you can only do a few reps below 4-5 good time to probably jog a lap but again if you rest for more than 30’s run a lap. Record your overall time.
Anyone else wants to join me on this 31 day fitness challenge?


Fit Bit Friday #FAIL 6.27

It was just one of those weeks, we’ve all had them.  I got in two good Primal Workouts but other than that I had meager steps days and no additional workouts with the exception of the Foam Fest on Saturday in which I didn’t technically run, but I did conquer a fear of heights jumping from the Sky Fall, completed every obstacle we attempted (there was a bottleneck at the rope tent and we decided to skip it in favor of being that much closer in time to some post race beers), and left with a war wound on my left bicep from the best army crawl I have ever done.  I ate dinner out EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.THIS.WEEK. – what an epic fail; I thought My Fitness Pal was going to go bizerk because I had two days of DOUBLE calories. My Fit Bit has low battery. I don’t even have it on today, its in the depths of my over night bag. And I forgot to take pictures of the workouts at Primal. Let’s just say there was burpees, pushups, lunges, bear crawls, sprints, and a mile run on Tuesday and man-makers, crab holds, box jumps, step ups, rope climbs, ring bridges and mother f’ing lunges as well on Thursday.

Bracing myself to land!
Bracing myself to land!


So how am I going to turn this #FAIL around?

  • Purchasing a battery for the Fit Bit tonight
  • 2 mile walk and no booze tonight
  • Minimum 10,000 steps Saturday and Sunday so I start the week of right
  • Track all weekend meals in MFP

Here’s to another week!

How were your workouts this week? 

Do you use a Fit Bit?  How are you getting to 10,000 steps? 


Fit Bit Fridays 6.20

Why do I always seem to forget to put on my Fit Bit Zip on first thing Friday morning?  6/13 marked the second week in a row that I forgot it (got it on today so next week should be a full week of tracking!)

Fit Bit Tracker Week Ending 6.19


I’m also including a report from My Fitness Pal of my Net Calories for the week. I’m finding it hard to stay at 1,200, really hard. All I did Monday through Wednesday was complain about how hungry I was feeling. Next week will be all about making adjustments to my foods to see if I can feel fuller with few calories.

Net Calories Week Ending 6.20.14

Workouts went a little something like this since last week:




1.2 mile walk followed by a 1 mile run all while enjoying this view of the Charles River off of Soldiers Field Road
photo (24)

Tuesday: Primal Class Circuit Workout
Air Squats 35x’s
Knee Pushups 15x’s
Step Ups 10/10
Twisting Jacks 30secs
Side Plank 20 secs each side
Goal was to do as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes. I did three complete rounds and ended off completely a 4th round of air squats and 11 of the 15 Knee Pushups.

3 mile walk

Thursday: Primal Class Workout
Block A:
Burpees 8x’s
Sumo Squat while doing heartbeats 15x’s
3 rounds

Block B:
Back, Side, Front Squats 3x each leg
High Plank 20sec or more (I did 26, 27, and 35 secs respectively)
3 rounds

Block C:
1/2 man makers 8x’s
Prone Cobra for as long as you can hold (I did 60, 70, and 90 secs respectively)
3 rounds


This week I am feeling hungry, but great! My pants seem to be fitting better and the pushups and arm workouts I’ve been doing at class have me cringing a lot less when I put on sleeveless shirts, which have been much-needed during this 80-90 degree weather we are having in New England. Yes, if you are from New England you complain when its cold AND when its hot.

I’ve got a 5K Fun Run on deck for tomorrow, but I won’t be wearing my Fit Bit because it’s the 5K Foam Fest and I’ll be high tailing my way through mud, foam, water and obstacles!


Whats your fitness plan for the weekend? 

Fit Bit Fridays 6.13.14

SUGAR. HONEY. ICED. TEA. (better known as SHIT!)  Yep, thats what I say everyday that I look at my sugar intake on My Fitness Pal. Why am I such a sugar fiend? I’m not even eating snickers, it’s all “Natures Candy!” and well a teaspoon of Truvia and a leftover sugar cookie parting gift I took home from the Hoedown graduation/birthday party I went to Saturday night — but still, this past Tuesday at 2:44 PM my sugar intake looked like this for the day, hadn’t eaten dinner yet and was already in the negative!


Sugar Intake 6.10.2014

Then I remembered reading about a documentary on GMBMFB a few weeks ago about sugar and the state of our food environment, Fed Up and found it’s playing at a small small theater near me. Half of me wants to go check it out because I loved Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change which both made me more conscious that what we put into our body effects more than just our weight, but our overall health and appearance and made me put down the Starbucks Iced Tea and try a Green Juice and not only that buy a juicer; though what really put me over the edge to buy that Bella  is a story for another day! The other half of me enjoyed watching those two on Netflix in the comfort of my own home where I was likely snacking on something. Not sure which half is winning right now… will let you know if succumb to the sugar guilt and see it!

As for my workouts for the week:

Friday: 1 mile walk, 1 mile run (under 13:00 minutes!)

Mile 1










Saturday: #FAIL
Sunday: #FAIL
Monday: #FAIL
Tuesday: Primal Workout

6.10 Primal Class









Wednesday: #FAIL
Thursday: Primal Workout

6.12 Primal Class.











And my log of steps for the week:

Fit Bit Week2








To say I’m a little disappointed my workout schedule last week is a bit of an understatement, but 3 workouts is better than none and it allows me to approve upon what I’ve done.  My goal for next week 4 workouts (2 Primal, 2 non-Primal), 40,000 steps, and a little less sugar! Writing this post has given me a few ideas for my 101 in 1,001 list that I’ll be publishing later today, I love a good goal.


Fit Bit Fridays

3 years ago I had the idea to create a list and blog on 30 things I wanted to complete before I turned 30. Though the list has always been in the back of my mind, the blogging lasted at most 6 months.  One of those thirty goals was to fit into a pair of size 8  designer jeans with the caveat that they actually had to zip and look good, because as my roommate will tell you “just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits!” In late October of last year I was gifted a Fit Bit from a vendor at work and wore it religiously for 3.5 months before it was lost in 3 feet of snow during a frantic shoveling session here in New England but with a trip planned to Chicago in early April in which I knew there would be a whole lot of walking I stopped into Best Buy, cashed in $30 in rewards, forked over another $20 and purchased myself a replacement, the Fit Bit Zip and began tracking my steps again.

Now its June 6th and I’ve been tracking my steps for 2 months, most days coming up just short of my 10,000 a day step goal but I’ve got renewed hope and a new goal in sight. It was made officially official this past Wednesday that in 19 weeks or 133 days I’ll be boarding a jet plane with 10+ of my closest girlfriends to ring in my 30th birthday in Nashville, TN and what perfect way to celebrate that weekend than by zipping up a pair of those size 8 jeans and sliding on a pair of cowboy boots!

The goal is to lose 40lbs (2lbs a week) and go from a size 14 to a size in 19 weeks.

How I am going to do it?

  • Tracking my calorie intake with My Fitness Pal
  • Participating in a 6-week long weight loss challenge through my employer via Daily Endorphin
  • Twice weekly Fitness Class as Primal Tribe
  • Walking, Jogging,  Running, Skipping to the tune of 70,000 steps a week with my Fit Bit Zip
  • Juicing with my Bella
  • And keeping myself accountable by reporting my workouts weekly via Fit Bit Fridays posts here on Life with Red!


I’ll start with a look at my Fit Bit Dashboard for June 1 – June 5:

Fit Bit Week1







Workout Roundup Week 1:

Sunday: Does walking to brunch in Hoboken count? Nah, ok.  #FAIL
Monday: #FAIL
Tuesday: 1st class of 8 week session with Primal Tribe consisted of the following test:

Primal Test Class 1

1 mile completed in 14:17

100 squats completed with time to spare

38 knee pushups

82 step ups




Wednesday: walk 1 mile, run 1 mile (12:57!), walk 1/2 mile (all homework from training class), 6 street sprints*
Thursday:  the following workout at Primal:

6.5 Primal Class

*What are street sprints? Feeling good and less like I was going to chop off my calves I decided to add a few sprints to my workout.  The area I was doing my sprints in was less than .25 of mile, but I’ve got to start somewhere right?  Here’s a map that will better explain what I was doing:  Street Sprints

I’m thinking of the next few weeks I’ll share a little bit more on my history with working out, including 5K times, so both you and I can see if and where I making improvements. I’m also planning on taking measurements and updating this blog monthly with inches and lbs lost,  I haven’t yet decided if I actually want to share what my weight is (a girl needs a little anonymity!) but would share down X amount of lbs, X amount of inches lost.


How are you staying fit this summer? 

What are your fitness goals?