What I like about me..

This prompt for the #BlogEverydayinJuly challenge has come just at the right time. I told you all last week that a situation I had hoped would go one way unfortunately went another and it was a total blow to my ego and then over the weekend I made the decision to close some doors in certain aspects of my life (sorry for the elusiveness but something things just need not to be talked about it right now) so I thinking about what I like about myself helped me make that situation and that decision a little easier today.

(Does anyone else have the Amanda Bynes/Jennie Garth theme song stuck in their head while reading this/writing their own post? No? Just me?) 

My red hair // My red hair was a major inspiration for the name of this blog. As a kid I HATED that I was one of 3 gingers in my elementary school, it made me different, it always bothered me when people asked if it was real or natural and told me how beautiful it was. Yep, I hated people calling me (ok, my hair) beautiful. WAS I A NUT CASE?  Then four years ago I was nicknamed “red” by someone I really cared about and though they don’t call me it anymore to me it still was my best descriptor. While writing this post  I googled “red hair personality traits” and came across everyday health and learned that not only am I at a higher risk for melanoma ( i <3 sunscreen!!), gingers have more sex, it will be quite some time before I see regular grey hairs, I soak up more vitamin D thus having stronger bones than you blondes and brunettes, I don’t have a high tolerance for pain, that I’m not the only ginger that fears the dentist and that I can blame my hair color on my resistance of novocain! 

My laugh // Joe wasn’t kidding when he says I laugh at his not-always-funny jokes. I love to laugh, you probably sensed that because my tag line is from a Daughtry song, all that I’m after is a lifetime of laughter. It’s not a good day if I haven’t laughed so hard I’ve cried/had trouble breathing but don’t worry that usually happens at the lunch table at work, or whenever I am with my girlfriends, or my grandmother so most days are good.


My love for my nephews // Before my nephews were born I wasn’t always positive I wanted children and its the time, the hugs, the laughs, the mario kart races I have had with them over the last six years that has made me realize how much I want a family of my own and have made me realize that I can care about another human being as much as I care about them.


My ability to admit I am wrong // I am the type of person who more often than not can see both sides to every story and I love that I can admit when I am wrong or that can see why another person feels the way they do. I think it makes me a good person to talk about the big decisions in your life – whether it be a job, a conversation you need to have with a loved one, or its rehashing an argument you had with someone.

My sangria making skills // I am the McGyver of sangria making. I can make sangria using any type of red wine, white wine, juice, carbonated beverage, fruit you have on hand. Red wine and gingerale, I know the perfect amounts. White wine and pineapple juice and peach? I can do that too. And you’ll enjoy every last drop of it.


Now what is it that you like about YOU? 



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