There’s an app for that..

We are down to the wire, only 6 more days left in the #BlogEverydayinJuly challenge! Yesterday I organized my apps so  I could do a screen capture to show you my favorite apps and of course my iPhone hated me for that and froze for like 10 minutes and then right after lunch I read Allie’s blog and decided all of my apps were a joke and that I want to download all of hers (especially Whitagram and Afterlight) and it reinforced my need for a new phone like yesterday.  But alas, I’m still showing going to tell you what my favorite apps are despite how generic they are : )


My Favorite Apps

I shazam probably more than the average person and if the song leads to a #carkaraoke session that usually goes on instagram and is shared on facebook and twitter.

I read my horoscope at the end of each day to see how it related to the day and after that I usually spend about 10 minutes too long scrolling through Pinterest trying to find something to bake, wear, or create.

When I don’t need a replacement battery for my fitbit (yep, still haven’t gotten it!) I love that the app works in conjunction with my fitness pal!

And those are the apps that cause my battery to go from 100% to 0% before the end of the work day #chargerproblems.

Up tomorrow is the picture a hour challenge and Sunday I’m finally interviewing Joe and sharing his rant about gym goers (and probably admitting I do most things on his list!)

What are your favorite apps? 





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