The Struggle is Real

The struggle is real people, its real. What struggle? The struggle to create content that people want to read, that people want to comment on, that will make people besides your group of friends come back to read day after day (btw, thanks girls (and boys!)!). Today’s prompt for the Blog Everyday in July challenge is about why blogging can be hard.

Time to Write // Finding time in your day to blog is HARD. Sometimes I do it before work, sometimes during (shhh!) and mostly at night but take last night for example, the struggle was real and I was TIRED after a day of work, my first ever dance class, and my super fantabulous Smash burger adventure that the idea of blogging when I got home made my brain hurt, literally. I popped to advil and went to straight to bed.


Time to Research // Luckily my day job does allow me the time to read your blogs during the day (yay for social media being part of the job!) and if one your posts tips of an idea in my head I can usually bang out a post in nothing flat because YOU’VE motivated me. But then there are the days where my ideas require research, a color scheme post (usually inspired first by a sale email!), or a thematic Read with Red post (which will return this weekend/next week!), or even just finding a good picture and sometimes time just isn’t on our side.

Being open // Now the plan for this blog is not for me to get ushy gushy about my personal life but there are some days where you WANT to write about that stuff but you also want to protect the anonymity of the people you are talking about or there are times where you DON’T want to talk about the stuff but you must elude to it to get your point across. I guess you could just simply not include those things in your blog, but I don’t know about you I’m just trying to keep it real.

Laziness // Sometimes blogging is like doing laundry or cleaning my room, I’d just rather watch hours of Real Housewives instead.


Bloggers, what keeps you motivated to keep up with your writing?

Readers, what do you like reading the most about? Anything I can start writing on? 





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