The Power is Yours!

Day 5 of the Blog Everyday in July Challenge asked us what super powers we’d like to have. Well I’d first like to start with the super power that gave me the kick in the ass to actually blog on the weekend and not binge watch Grey’s Anatomy until it was BBQ time.  But alas, it did not – so here you are getting Day 5 on Day 7, sounds a lot like celebrating the 4th on the 5th which is what nearly everyone I know did this weekend. Confused yet?

Captain Planet

So if I could have any super powers in the world they would be..

Flight – As you read on Thursday I’m terrified of heights so first and foremost I think if I had the power of flight I’d be able to overcome that fear, you know soaring through the sky miles above the city knowing that I won’t fall might actually help me get over it and while we are be completing honest, security lines are long at the airport and airplane flights are expensive, so if I could get myself there without taking off my shoes or paying lots of money I’d flap my wings, I am mean arms, and get myself there and there is the added bonus of likely more sculpted arms from “flapping”.

Weight Loss – We all know that if Dr. Oz’s magic pill actually worked I’d be the first in line to get it. But it doesn’t. We must eat right and workout REGULARLY to maintain and hopefully lose weight. I want the ability to still drink sangria, eat lots of cheese and desserts, and waffle fries and whittle my way down to a size six.

Money Tree – I would like the ability to grow a money tree. Seriously this weekend I had $40 to my name, luckily I have lovely friends who fed me at their BBQ’s, I had plenty of gas in the car, and was still able to purchase lunches for this week and more importantly beers for those BBQs (priorities people!). Now part of the reason I had $40 to my name was being I am working hard at paying of my debt and may have misjudged a large payment last week, but if I’d been able to planet a money tree, or take from a money tree I would be happy, so would you wouldn’t you?


What powers would you want? 



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