The 19th on the 21st, better known as switch day.

Prompt number 19 challenges us to ask ourselves who is we would want to switch with for just a day.  For me this was on of the hardest prompts, I’m not obsessed with an one celebrity, I don’t have a public figure I admire so much I want to be them, so I’ve been pondering this since I was supposed to write it on Saturday and then on the way to work this morning it came to me, I’d want to be myself in 20 years.


I’d want to know:

// did I ever get married?

// do I have children?

// do I still work in Marketing?

// did I ever open my own business?

// how’d that blog I started right before my 30 birthday go?

// do I still live in MA?

// what # iPhone are they on now?

// have I had a beer with all of my nephews?

// did I ever go back to school?

and most importantly…

// am I happy?


Who would you want to switch with?



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