Sorry I’m not Sorry

Sorry I’m not sorry that I missed the #sorryimnotsorry prompt of the Blog Everyday in July challenge. I was busy becoming a dancer…



You see I’ve been trying to write my blog posts at night so that I am a good little worker bee between the hours of 9-5 and by the time I got home last night a post just wasn’t happening. I will be doing a full recap of what last nights activities (because of course we took lots of pictures) but lets just say that this white girl has no rhythm and after looking at this picture from the be-hind, this girl also needs some serious hours in the gym and there was lots of the dancing girls emojis used after class.

Later today I’ll be posting the last of the Blog Everyday Challenge and tomorrow we’ll be back to the our regularly scheduled program.

Did you like hearing from me everyday this month? 




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