On the Street Where You Live..

Seems fitting that I use a song lyric from My Fair Lady as the title of the entry because in preparation for this post I was discussing with some of the girls I work with how many places they’ve ever lived and one of them is a theatre buff and may have exclaimed at Tuesday’s meeting “I LOVE SHOWTUNES” a bit to excitedly (Hi, Elaine!). I digress..

Today’s prompt in the  #BlogEverydayinJuly challenge is show us your city. In my almost 30 years I’ve only lived 4 places – Wakefield, MA (age 0 – 22),  Manchester, NH (age 17-21), Everett, MA (22 – 23) and Medford, MA (age 23 – 29) and it’s t-minus 46 days until I make it 5 places before I’m 30 as we are moving to Dorchester, MA September 1.

So here’s some fun facts about where I’ve lived:

Welcome to Wakefield

Some Official History:

– Founded in 1868 and named after Cyrus Wakefield, creator of rattan furniture
– Located 12.5 miles northwest of Boston
– People from all Middlesex County towns come to Wakefield to walk/run Lake Quanopowitt
– Home to 4 olympic athletes (Mark Kumpel, John Lilley, Jimmy Pedro, and Marcia Pankratz)  and a former contestant on the voice (James Massone)

More importantly:

I grew up in the section of town called “Greenwood.” If your from Greenwood, you likely had you first Slush Puppy at the now defunct Greenwood Pharmacy, your parents taught you to pump their gas at Pump ‘n’ Pantry (and you were appalled when it was replaced with Fast Freddies), you have an keen sense of direction, you know that all roads to other towns may lead you past JJ Grimsbys (in Melrose), you are a master a Bunny Ball, Coach Calogy did a mean karaoke and you thought he was the oldest man to run a mile (until you got to high school and met Deke). I worked at the ever popular farmstand “The Farmland” in the bakery one week shy of 8 years and I still believe if it paid enough I’d be there filling cannoli’s, while working one day I waited on David from the Real World Seattle and then abruptly found out that I was the only one that cared.


(top left – my house growing up, but that’s not our jeep in the corner; middle left – The Farmland, home to the best cannoli’s in town, a mean italian sub, and lots of late night post bar calzone eating (it pays to be friends with the owner; bottom left – Greenwood School; top right – Lake Quanopowitt; bottom right – Green Pharmacy, WHY DID OUR PARENTS LET US GO INTO SUCH A CREEPY LOOKING PLACE!)



Saint Anselm College – Manchester, NH 

Some Official History:

– Established in 1889
– Really located in Goffstown,  NH
– Approximately 1,950 students
– Roman Catholic affiliation
– Mascot: The Hawk

More importantly:

Home to the best chocolate chip cookie and chicken patty deluxe which can both be found at the Coffee Shop, an evil test known as Comprehensive exams (that can keep one from graduating!), multiple Presidential debates, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryans town hall meeting in 2012 (which my mom was interviewed at!), a co-winner of the Amazing Race (Jason Case class of 2003)  and where my brother met and then married his wife!

Saint Anselm College

(top left – Presidential Debate; top right – the Coffee Shop; bottom left – Saint Anselm Abbey (where my brother got married); bottom right – Beer mugs for the pub!)




Some Official History:

– Became a city in 1892
– Was originally part of Charleston and then Malden before becoming its own city
– 4 miles north of Boston
– Hometown of Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey of Grey’s Anatomy)

More importantly:

When my parents sold my childhood home none of my friends were ready to move out and I was working a entry-level job in Marketing (read: I had no money) and my aunt and uncle graciously told me I could move into their basement. While living there I became closer to them while learning that I HATE vegetables that come from a can, how many times I could afford to eat out a week, and how quickly I could get to my parents house in NH nearly every weekend. Needless to say I’m not moving back to Everett or in with my aunt and uncle again anytime soon.



entering medford-resized-600

Some Official History:

– Became a city in 1892
– 5 miles northwest of Boston
– Home of Tufts University
– Hometown of Michael Bloomberg (former NYC mayor; who was actually best friends with my dad’s cousin), James Pierpont (writer of “Jingle Bells”), TV Personality Maria Menounos, and one time home of actress Jessica Biel (while attending Tufts) and Amelia Earhart and my dad!

More importantly:

Medford is the home of the infamous 12Pearl Christmas party. That’s really all that needs to be said. The second Saturday in December will forever be remembered as a great one.



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