Never Will I Ever..

Yesterday’s prompt was “Never Will I Ever..”  which totally reminds me of every time my friends and I go on vacation because what usually starts out as an innocent day at the beach usually winds up ending with shots, oysters, and a rousing game of “Never HAVE I Ever..” and lots and lots and lots and lots of laughs.


^^This is what our car looks like BEFORE leaving for a girls weekend^^

Anyways, back to the task at hand, things that I will never do – BE ON FEAR FACTOR. Literally everything that I will never do has been shown on Fear Factor.


I won’t: 

Hang out, be with in 10 ft, be covered in, or play with rats/mice

Eat bugs, parts of an animal that aren’t commonly used, spiders, ear wigs, or anything cover in blood

I also probably won’t: 

Jump out of a plane

Bungee Jump

Repel off a mountain


Basically I won’t do anything that scares the ba-jesus out of me or prompts me to get sick.


Well unless there is a huge sum of money attached to it…. right?


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