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So we are supposed to pick just three of our favorite blogs for this prompt in the Blog Everyday in July Challenge, guys I’m not sure I can I follow over 90 blogs on my feedly so I think what I’ve got to do for you all is share my top 2-3 blogs in each of the following categories: Fashion/Beauty, Health, Lifestyle, and Home/DIY.



Life With Emily

Emily is North Carolina girl with an eye for fashion and photography. I’ve been reading Life with Emily for nearly two years and have pinned many an item either from her blog or from the source directly. She’s the reason that a Gigi New York clutch and both a Barrington and a Hayden Reis tote are on my shopping with list, her accessories are always on point and not over done!

Speaking of Gigi New York do you know they are currently holding their first Sample Sale? I’m obsessed with the teal all in one bag


What Courtney Wore

Courtney Kerr was the breakout star of Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas back in 2011. She not only did she segue into her role into a spin-off series Courtney Loves Dallas but she became a guest bartender on Bauble Bar (I need the Courtney Bib and the Inca Priestess Bib), an anchor on Dallas’ the D-List, and was able to quit her job to blog full-time. She’s doing what everyone blogger who starts out dreams to do and looks fabulous doing so. While I anxiously await whether there will be a season 2 of her show, I’ll continue checking What Courtney Wore daily and following her on instagram (@thecourtneykerr)!


Tesori Belle

I work with Tesori Belle’s author Deana! Since I met her four years ago I’ve learned Deana loves a good bag, fancy desktop accessories and trying new products. Before I pull the trigger on any sort of beauty product I always pop into her office to see if she’s tried it! Just yesterday she posted her regular “Empties” series where she tells readers what she’s been using, how she liked it, and whether she’d buy it again. I love that my morning face wash made her list and I’m adding the Up&Up shaving cream and the Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray.




Carrots N Cake

The blog that keeps on giving,  what do I mean by that? My co-worker and friend Katy turned me on to Carrots ‘N’ Cake a few months back after her sister told her about it and then at dinner a month ago when discussing LWR’s launch I told my friend Danielle to check her out and she told me she already had because she’d seen her on my daily reads! So needless to say us Massachusetts girls like to support a local blogger. Tina blogs recipes, workouts, product suggestions (her Target C9 shorts made my look post  last week!), and life ramblings with her husband, her pug and her new baby Q!


Hungry Runner Girl

I’ve been reading Janae’s blog Hungry Runner Girl since she moved back to Salt Lake City last summer. She’s the type of athlete I can only dream of being, the girl kicks butt running half and full marathons! She shares her workouts, her product recommendations (she is loves herself some Brooks Pure Flows!), her recipes, and her Netflix watching, sister scooting, sugar craving antics with us all. You don’t need to be a runner to enjoy her blog!


Ali on the Run

I introduced you guy to Ali on  The Run back in mid June.  Ali’s got Crohns Disease and is an avid runner, her blog is all about her victories, her fails and everything else in between. She’s inspiring to say the least and I’ll admit one day when I didn’t want to work out I thought of Ali back when she was couch-ridden last summer and thought to myself “at least you CAN work out.”



So I went overboard and included five blogs instead of three under Lifestyle, but I think you’ll all thank me.


Baby Mama Juice

Amy’s self-proclaimed guilty pleasure lifestyle blog is all about her life – raising her daughter, selling her house, traveling, dealing with stress and all while downing some good ole baby mama juice (wine!) to deal with it all!


Hi SugarPlum

Cassie’s Hi Sugarplum has been talked about here on LWR for her DIYing, but her blog is and all around find – she talks travel, outfit inspirations, DIY, and organization. She’s attended a few blogger conferences this year and I’d be lying to say I wasn’t jealous!


Mish Lovin Life


I’ve been following Michelle since somehow I landed on her and Verner’s travel blog Filling in the Dots which chronicled their 6+ month trip in which they quit their jobs, sold their stuff and followed their dreams. Since their return to the states I’ve since read Michelle’s archives, learned all about Princess Sophia (her step mom), read her tales of trying to get acclimated back in life in San Fran, and most recently about her engagement to Verner. It was totally one of those times I clicked like to an instagram photo of someone I don’t really know..


Mix and Match Mama

I might have started reading Shay’s blog because she was the sister of one of the Bachelor’s. But I stayed reading because 1) the food she posts 2) the clothes she posts 3) the adorable kids she posts (#shayeveryday) 4) that house. 5) her love for Boston.

Living in Yellow

I’ve mentioned Living in Yellow a few times on here (and here) and had to include her in this favorite blogs to read. She talks everything from clothes and makeup, to making it as a blogger, to needing a drink at noon. She’s my type of girl.




I featured both blogs below a few weeks back when I announced my 101 in 1,001 in days challenge as part of  #71 – wanting to complete 12 DIY projects.  I love binge reading both blogs on a Thursday/Friday in hopes that they’ll inspire me to get my creative juices flowing.

Young House Love


I heart organizing



I’ve started reading some other blogs this month like, Here&Now, Jade & Oak, Allieology, Live Run Sparkle, The Other Juliette, and Cause You Gotta Have Faith and I’ll be updating my Daily Reads page soon to include these and a few others! If you have a blog you read/write and you think I will love please leave a comment below! 

When my friend and co-worker Joe found out I was writing LWR he asked my opinion of whether or not I thought blogging would be a good outlet for him, I told him it’s a great outlet for someone who’s got an opinion and that he should really sit down and write a few posts first and maybe guest blog on here before taking the leap to see if it’s something he really wants to do. Later this week I’ll be featuring his post on gym etiquette and though I am ashamed to admit I am everything Joe hates in a gym go-er. You probably are too, ha! Remember when reading his post that his thoughts are his own and don’t reflect the thoughts or feelings of LWR and that it’s his first time, so be kind! Stay tuned!



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