I’ll have the steak medium rare with a baked potato and LOTS of sour cream

Before I begin, is that not that longest title ever? Today’s prompt for the Blog Everyday in July Challenge is to name the five people dead or alive we’d like to have dinner with soooo I thought I’d tell you what I’d like for dinner before telling you who’d I’d like to have it with.


William Driscoll // Better known as my maternal grandfather who passed away before I was born.  In the winter of 1979 my parents lost three parents in the span of about six weeks, my dad’s parents were older and were sick, but my mom’s dad died of heart attack in sleep in his early 50’s. My parents lived in New Hampshire at the time and were working in Boston, one night on the way home from work my dad turned to my mom and said “we should really stop and see you parents tonight.” It wasn’t that unusual for my parents to go a bit without seeing their parents but something had struck a cord in my dad realizing that with all the commotion of the holidays and his own ailing parents they hadn’t seen much of my mom’s folks.  So off to visit them they went; dinner, beers (for my grandfather), and a few games of cards later my parents were on their way back to New Hampshire happy to have spent time with  them that night. The phone rang early the next morning, my grandfather had passed away in the middle of the night from a heart attack. Over the years I’ve heard many a story about Bill – how my dad almost threw away all of Bill’s “treasures” when helping them move from one apartment to another (my grandfather apparently didn’t like boxes and packed EVERYTHING in BIG GREEN TRASH BAGS), how on the morning of my mom’s wedding  he went out to the car tuxedo on and everything and somehow sat on a plate full of cupcakes so my mom wedding dress had to clean those pants for him before they left for the church, how he typically stopped at the bar on his way home from work (wonder where I get my love for alcoholic beverages from?!?), how he and my nana got to travel the world after he returned from WWII (wonder where my desire to travel comes from?!?!), and how he was quite the comedian (i love a good joke!). I never grew up with a grandfather, and to be honest thought nothing of it until my brother had kids – my dad is such a huge part of their lives, he’s their  “Old Papa” (I’ll tell that story another day) and he gets on the ground and plays with them, watches movies with them, goes to their basketball, baseball, football, whatever the heck sport they are playing these days  and even recently taught them how to plant flowers (one of his favorite past times) and I admit I am jealous that they get this opportunity, I would choose to have dinner with my grandpa Bill over ANYONE else on this list hands down.


Jane Green // I have always been a big reader as long as it had nothing to do with a school assignment. When I was younger my mom and dad thought nothing of getting in the car and driving for hours and hours and hours on end and they needed to keep my entertained during a time before iPads, I’d read an entire book in a day if not two. When my mom was working on Sundays my dad would take my brother and I to the mall (she managed a department at Jordan Marsh) and we’d plop ourselves down at the bookstore and read for hours waiting for her to get out of work so we could go have dinner at Jimmy’s on the Mall. As I got older and started my first job in the city, I’d read on my commute and I can remember the first book I read of Jane Green’s – Book Ends while commuting to and from work on the Orange Line. She was the first adult author who’s entire collection I have kept up to date reading and for that reason I’d love to meet her. I would seek her advice on how to get that first chapter started of my book and what inspires her. Her books are ones I would want to emulate, they are relatable, fun to read, and often get you thinking of similar instances in your life.


 Channing Tatum // Well just because he’s Channing Tatum and who wouldn’t want to look at that during dinner. He doesn’t even need to say anything.





The Clinton’s // Shh, don’t tell my dad. But gosh darn it, I just love those Clinton’s. I told you I recently saw Bill talk at the City Year Gala in Boston and that Hilary’s new book is on my summer reading list and Chelsea’s having a baby and they love to binge watch netflix, we’d have so much to talk about!!



Who (dead or alive) would you want to have dinner with? 


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