I think I’m alone now..

Day 8 – Things you do when your alone. Anyone else have the Tiffany song “I think we’re alone now” stuck in their head? Nah, just me? Okay we’ll move on..


When I’m alone…. 

I tend to still binge watch television in my bedroom rather than the living room even thought IT’S ALL MINE because no one’s home. I’m not really sure why I do it, but I’d bet that its because I have an uber comfy bed and I also love a good nap.

I eat more takeout than I would if someone were with me.

I clean better, when I actually clean, I clean better because I don’t have distractions. I hate cleaning. I love distractions.

I pin things to my secret boards on Pinterest, lots of things.

I enjoy shopping more alone.


I don’t do very interesting things when I’m alone… 


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