Blog Everyday in July: Photo Every Hour

I almost decided I was going to skip this challenge because I didn’t remember I was supposed to be photographing my day one day last week until 2PM on Saturday, the day I was supposed to be posting all about it.

But I had made it this far in the #BlogEverydayinJuly challenge that I couldn’t skip so you my readers are getting the incredibly boring glimpse into my weekend.

In preparation for the move I posted some stuff on Craigslist and already sold that end table (x2) in the picture! (Don’t mind the blackoutness of my computer screen, a friend did the Party Rock Anthem across my bedroom floor two years ago and stepped on my computer a new one is on the wishlist for 2014)

Apparently I’m having some sort of love affair with Target’s Up & Up Cleaning Products

Packed up our dishes while binge watching Season 3 of Dallas. #wildsaturdaynight

unday morning trip to Wholefoods: bagels, cream cheese, tomato, and guacamole #staplesunday

Standard Sunday Night Dinner this past month.

How did you spend your weekend? 


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