Blog Everyday in July: Favorite Photos

I think Allie, Juliette, and Faith now that we are all struggling for some content to finish up the #BlogEverydayinJuly challenge because we’ve got two pictures posts in 3 days. But I’m not complaining, this was one of my favorite posts because  I got to search in the depths of my facebook and instagram to find the perfect photos to share with you!

Challenge: a favorite photo, a photo you took, and a selfie

We Won the CUP!


WE WON THE CUP!! Last summer our bad news bears kickball team from 2012 came back with a vengeance (and some new players) to go 8-0 and bring home the cup! I spent 7 Wednesday nights in a row with these ballers and their Mighty Kicks (our team name) and it was literally like I’d won the superbowl when we brought home that W!


Turkey Morning Cartoons


Doesn’t a selfie also count as one I took?  Here’s a real selfie of my nephew Charlie, certified best hugger ever, and I watching cartoons on Thanksgiving morning.

My Favorite Photos

Two of my oldest and bestest friends in Chicago in April!  Both Jenn and Lauren were in Chicago for work and I tagged along to be a tourist! This photo was by the “Bean” that  I made them walk a million blocks to so we could have a photo op, they thanked me later.


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