Blog Everyday In July #2 – Guilty Pleasures

Day #2 in the Blog Everyday in July challenge is all about Guilty Pleasures.

What is a guilty pleasure? According to the Google gods its “something, such as a movie, television program, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that is not generally held in high regard”.  Oh lord, where should I begin???

GIFS – I laugh out loud at EVERYTHING. Ask my roommate she’ll yell “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU LAUGHING AT NOWWWWWWWWWWW?” when I am in the living room watching TV by myself. If you find me at my desk at work trying to hold in laughter I am usually on #whatshouldwecallme

tumblr_n7ekxyWnfv1qj8xp7o1_250 Yoda



Reality TV – I’ve been watching reality television since before reality television was cool. My brother and I used to sneak watching the Real World, I mean in the days of the original New York and San Diego. I watched the inaugural seasons of Survivor and the Bachelor, Real Housewives of OC before the franchise blew up, America’s Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, the Simple Life, Celebrity Cattle Drive, the Gastineau Girls. Basically what I am saying is you name it, I’ve probably watched at least an episode if not the entire season.  I’m still an avid Challenge and Housewives watcher. I love the drama.

the challenge images

Dessert – Dessert of any kind is such a guilty pleasure and I don’t discriminate. Ice Cream, Cake, Candy, Brownie, Cookie with a side of whip cream and you had me at “would you like to see the dessert menu?” Also I don’t discriminate against where I get said dessert, if could be from the ice cream freezer of the store 24 or the back of the fridge at that bar that shall remain nameless because the bartender laughed at me when I said I wanted dessert.


(Pinterest won’t let me source this because they say the link leads to nudity! Maybe it’s just someone in the nude eating this delicious looking oreo peanut butter cup goodness)

Sangria – Basically if Sangria is on the menu I’m ordering it. 7 years ago I took my first trip to the North End (that I could remember) to visit a friend at her father’s restaurant as she had just started bartending there and I have never left. I’ve been in the depths of the basement where the sangria goodness is prepared, I’ve been given a “version” of the recipe (but not the secrets!), I’ve tried sangria’s across the city, the state, the country and nothing compares to that first class I ever had that started this addiction. If you ever in the North End of Boston, go see Fiore. (I can attest this will not be the last time you see or hear about Fiore’s on this blog)



I could probably name about a million more guilty pleasures, but we will save those for another day and perhaps another challenge.

What are your guilty pleasures? 







4 thoughts on “Blog Everyday In July #2 – Guilty Pleasures

    1. I think I want to make it a goal to drink a glass of sangria in all 50 states! Maybe that should go on my next 1,001 list!

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