Blog Every Day in July: Day 27 – Interview Someone

Today’s prompt in the #BlogEverdayinJuly Challenge is to interview someone and I thought it would be a perfect way to introduce my co-worker and friend Joe to my readers! You see a few weeks ago when I created my Life with Red Facebook Page Joe came running (he’ll deny that) over to my desk after hitting like to tell me he really thought he wanted to take a stab at blogging himself, I told him if he wanted to guest post on LWR a few times to figure out if blogging was something he was really interested in he was more than welcome – two hours later he sent me the below.

Joe’s known for his witty comments (see #6 in the interview questions) and has an opinion about just about everything and if he pulls the trigger on starting his own blog he wants to write about sports, humor, fitness, women, people that piss him off, and his hatred for vegetables. If you like what he’s written, leave him a comment below!


But first his interview questions:

What’s your hidden talent?
I can clap one-handed

What’s your favorite TV show?
Game of thrones

Name someone you admire.
Steve Guttenberg (from Police Academy)

Do you prefer cake or pie?
Cake. Definitely

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

What’s your favorite memory of (or with) me?
Laughing at my hilarious jokes in the lunch room

Quote a movie, any movie, right now.
“If it bleeds, we can kill it”- Predator

Did the last question give you a little bit of anxiety?

Name something inappropriate you always laugh at.
People who trip and fall in front of me


And now his rant, er, I mean blog.. 

Ok so those of us who frequent the gym know (or should know) about the rules of etiquette while working out: no slamming weights, no cell phone use, making sure you wipe down the machine, etc.. . However there are some people who just don’t f’n get it.  These are the same people that Natural Selection should have weeded out a long time ago but for some reason they are still walking the earth.  If you’re one of these people please cancel your gym membership right now and start walking outside or some shit, that way you don’t bother those of us who are actually putting in work. Hell, stay home and throw that old Jane Fonda workout in the VHS, that way you can gossip all day long to your friends and family while not driving other people insane

–        The lady next to me on the treadmill who is talking on her cell phone loud as hell. I realize that you are entitled and have no concept of how to act in a public place, but spare me the gossip about which one of your friends makes a shitty casserole, or when you’re going down the cape for vacation, or about how your 15 year old son dresses up in women’s clothing (he likes the way a thong feels, get over it lady). How are you even able to concentrate on working out when you won’t shut the hell up??

–        The guy on the treadmill on the other side of me who has the incline all the way up and looks like Sly Stallone in f’n Cliffhanger. Bro, know your limits. If you need a f’n Sherpa to complete your workout on the treadmill you’re doing something wrong. Do the world a favor and move to Tibet, maybe all that practice walking on the treadmill on level 10 incline would help when your scaling Everest.

–        Old people in the free weights section: sorry gramps, you’re no Jack Lallane so give it up dude. I realize you won the arm-wrestling competition in 1945 when you were in the Merchant Marines, but that was a long f’n time ago. You’re better off sipping some Metamucil on the porch while your wife DVR’S the latest episode of Murder She Wrote. If you want some exercise do what every other grandpa in this world does: start golfing. Or hang out with your grandkids

–        The hot chick with the amazing ass: you’re not doing anything wrong, except using the elliptical machine that is not directly in front of me. Pleas move promptly so I can get a better view. Also, when you’re on the elliptical don’t do the “Riverdance’, where you have your hands on your hips the whole time. We’re not in Switzerland or some shit and there’s no need to show off, your ass is already amazing and that’s good enough for us guys

And  there we have Life with Red readers, Joe’s take on the gym. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in July: Day 27 – Interview Someone

  1. Omg, I used a Predator quote when I got interviewed too (see:! Not the same one, though.

    Also, add to the gym list: guys who scream when they’re lifting. I don’t want to hear your warcry, bro.

    1. @Melissa, right? When he told me the topic he wanted to right on I feared I’d be guilty of all them his annoyances, but luckily I agreed with the whole post. Oh, and swap that girl for a glistening guy who doesn’t bro-out at the gym!

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