#100happydays – Week 3

Since I have a few weeks of #100happydays photos to update you on,  throughout this week as to not bombard you with 20+ pictures (ooops) I’ll be posting a few at a time. Since I last shared my #100happydays pictures I’ve explored our new neighborhood, spent many a car ride #whitegirldancing to my favorite songs, and spent some quality time with my nephews.



Day 15 // Our new apartment is walking distance to Carson & M Street Beach in South Boston. Can’t wait for next summer!

#day 16


Day 16 // A few years ago Margaret sent me home “If I am Missing or Dead” and “After the Fire” and I finalllly got around to reading both, I’ll be reviewing both of them her on the blog in the coming weeks! (and maybe I’ll get around to giving them back to her..)


Day 17 // I mean if you don’t already know it I support anything to do with gingers. #gingersunite



Day 18 // It always shocked me when I know all the words to songs that came out over 20 years ago.



Day 19 // It’s important to remember to always do you.


Day 20 // This one’s older brothers decided to put themselves to sleep at 8 PM when I was babysitting. After they went upstairs he proceeded to rip off his shirt and ask if we could watch Finding Nemo, of course I obliged.


Day 21 // My first Sunday Funday with Katie and Ado was spent at Lincoln Tavern. Bloody Mary’s to die for and egg sandwich on a BISCUIT! #yum

Up next it will be some food, some friend love, and some updates on what the heck I was doing when recovering from surgery.

What have you been up to lately?

Whats making you happy these days? 

I’ve missed this…

It’s been a whirlwind last few weeks that left me neglecting Life with Red until normalcy was regained and now I come back to you with a fresh outlook, an announcement, and one less gallbladder…


Let’s start with “golly” as I like to affectionately call my gallbladder. I can’t remember if I have fully written about the issues I was having with my gallbladder, but it all start back in March when I was in Florida visiting my new-to-me friends Erin and David with my friend Nikki (sidenote: I’ll be writing a little bit more about E&D next week, because not only are they two of the nicest people I have ever met and I felt like I had known them forever after just a few hours with them, they also run a charity, High Socks for Hope and I want to share  all about what they are doing and how you can help while you are online shopping!). We’d gone out to The Moon Under Water in St. Petersburg, FL for British/Indian food – yes I know strange combination, but it really did satisfy everyone’s appetite that night- and I woke up in the middle of the night with this SHARP pain under my breastbone that was traveling all the way into my back. I didn’t know what to do, I tried walking around, I tried laying down, I tried drinking a glass of water, and Nikki and I even contemplated going to the ER and then after almost an hour the pain miraculously passed.

This same incident proceeded to happen once or twice a month until July when at my yearly physical I mentioned it to my doctor, direct orders to get an ultrasound and x-ray within the week were given. What did the find? According to the surgeon at least a dozen gallstones with a few of them measuring in size between a penny and quarter. Surgery was needed. On Sept 12 (two weeks ago) I had my first ever surgery and spent the first night I can ever remember in the hospital to remove my entire gallbladder stones included. Well, let me just tell you. Getting your gallbladder removed isn’t fun.  Luckily, they did my surgery laparoscopicly leaving me with only 4 small incisions (that I haven’t even seen yet because the bandages are still on) but oh-my-lanta was my back in pain for almost a week post-surgery, because of your lack of being able to do #2 (I thought that was the most politically correct way to say it without going too TMI). I stayed at my parents for about half the recovery period (I was out of work for a week) and though they said I was moving around with ease your body just aches. Monday is my post-op appointment and fingers are crossed that everything goes well and we can go back to our regularly scheduled programming. Oh, and added bonus I’m down 12 pounds. Maybe removing “golly” was all I needed to jump-start a healthy lifestyle.

Now what makes getting surgery worth it? My announcement. The night before my surgery I found out that as of October 7 I’ll be able to cross #41 off the list. GET A NEW JOB. I accepted a position at an organization in a nearby town as the AVP, Marketing Communications Coordinator and will be handling their public relations, website, and internal and external communications and I’m sure a whole lot more! I received a nice raise that hopefully will allow me to cross off #13 soon! I’m super excited to start this next chapter in my life, all before I turn 30 next month!

This next week will be spent updating you on my #100happydays, recapping some of my completed 101’s, and working on some fresh ideas for Life with Red.



Read with Red 9.5.2013

Happy Friday!

Fridays to me are for splurging on the medium iced Dunkins instead of the typical small, lunch-time take out, and 5:00 adult beverages (maybe this is why I haven’t achieved that goal weight?!!?) and it’s also for spending the day pouring over my favorite blogs between projects at work. Monday – Thursday I usually have two dedicated blog reading times, when I first arrive at work while I am eating my breakfast and just after lunch but on Fridays I like to reward myself for every task complete with a blog read or two!

I’ve been using bloglovin’ for a little bit over a week and though for a while when google reader shut down I was drinking the #haterade for bloglovin’ –  I AM IN FACT LOVIN’ IT NOW! (btw, did you know you can follow LWR on bloglovin’?) and thought I’d  share a few of my favorite reads from this past week with you which all seem to have a wine theme to them, hmm….

Kath Eats Real Food (no, no not me!) – Wine Country Trip

Kath’s a registered dietitian and blogger whom I’ve been following for some time now and recently she and her husband along with another couple headed to Sonoma for  4 days in wine country. I read her recaps of day 1 and day 2 earlier this week, this morning it was day 3 and that’s when I knew I liked Kath – on day 3 they hired a driver for their wine touring and sampling. On the other days they had switched off who was the DD but on day 3 and took full advantage of their driver’s (of Woody’s Wine Tours) recommendations and clout in the tasting world getting private tastings and picnic lunches! I’d love to visit wine country some day and when I do I’ll be searching the archives for Kath’s recommendations!

Kath Eats Real Food
(Photo credit – Kath Eats Real Food)


The Wife in Training (again, not me – no where near being a wife) – Wine Wednesday 

Let’s first talk about how jealous I am that Lindsay goes on blates (those are blog dates for those non-bloggers out there) I need to meet some more Boston bloggers and make this happen in my life! Who better to understand your need for 50 photos and new experiences to write about than another blogger? Anywaysssss back to the point: Wine Wednesday. Dry whites are usually Lindsay’s jam (her words, not mine) but girl stepped out of her comfort zone and tried a rose, a red blend, and a house cab-sav – why should you find this important? Because your taste-buds change people. I used to be a hater of all things with tomatos, refried beans anywhere near my mexican food, and white wine and guess what – my buds now love tomatoes on my burger, I had a scoop of refried beans with three meals this week (#singlegirlproblems when trying to finish the can yourself) and prefer pinot grigio over any reds (call me Ramona Singer if you want because its #turtletime).


I learned a thing or two about wines reading Lindsay’s post too – like white zinfandel is made by mixing existing whites and reds and only started in the 1980’s and that if I ever visit  Forth Worth Texas I’m hitting up Times Ten Cellars, because c’mon how cute is this place (and is there something like this that I am unaware of in Boston?!!?)

(Photo credit: The Wife in Training) 

Hosting & Toasting – Labor Day Weekend Trip

Alright, we will end off with Hosting & Toasting’s Labor Day weekend trip to Newport, RI. This week she shared her sailing attire, her lounge style, her brunch attire, and her vineyard style. I’ve added all of the below, which she featured in these posts to my shopping wishlist on Pinterest! While in Newport Britney stayed at the Ocean Cliff Resort which is absolutely breathtaking  and did a sip & sail package with 12 charters which seems like a must do for next summer!


Hosting and Toasting Inspired Wish List

I’m So Fancy




What was your favorite blog post this week? 

More importantly, whats your favorite type of wine? 

September Goals

This morning I came across My So-Called Chaos’ monthly goals list while catching up on my bloglovin’ and thought to myself “YOU LOVE LISTS” and you’ve been reading some of your favorite bloggers lists like these for years (my pretty pennies, give me back my five bucks) and figured what better way to get this month started than joining this link up!

My September Goals: 

– Read 2 books (just started If I am Missing or Dead last night!) and write a review of each on the blog
– Workout (gym, track, or 3+ miles walk) at least 15 days this month
– Do one last clean out of closet/stuff that made it from Medford to Dorchester in the move that really should have been sold/donated/tossed
– Keep up with my #100happydays on instagram
– Pay off my loan from my parents ($300)
– Book our pedal tavern in Nashville to celebrate my 30th birthday!
– Send some non-birthday, just because cards
– Cook 1 new recipe
– Do one FALL activity


Monthly Goals
Join the link party! 


Do you have a book recommendation for my second read for the month?

Have you been to Nashville? Any suggestions on things to see, eat, do? 

#100HappyDays Week Two

Alright, it’s been a week since a last wrote but last week was one of those weeks – we moved, we unpacked, we cleaned two nights after work, I spent the night in the hospital, I spent the next day recovering and I was just feeling plain uninspired. But it’s a new week people and the blog posts ideas are streaming! Up first for the week is my week two recap for the #100happydays project I’m doing on instagram!

Day8 (1)
Day 8// Ice Cream = Happiness. Ice Cream also equaled dinner on the final night at our apartment in Medford.


Day 9 // Moving Day! Nothing made me happier than making that left photo into the that right photo!

Day 10 // I cut 15 minutes off my commute when moved! Early to work? My boss is VERY HAPPY!


Day 11 // I had to ask my brother a favor last-minute and being the wonderful brother he was he didn’t even flinch. He’s also a pretty great dad to my four adorable nephews (see the bonus section of pics to prove it!)


Day 12 // Tried Franklin Southie with Ado, can’t decide if my favorite part of the night was the women sitting two tables away from us getting up when she overheard us discussing what we wanted to get and offering her opinion  (an opinion we are happy we listened to – order the burger!!!) or the appetizer we had before we left the apartment of cookie dough oreo’s.


Day 13 // Who do you call at 11 o’clock on a Saturday night when you are doubled over in gallstone pain? One of your oldest friends. What is the first question you say through gritted teeth and tears on that phone call? ARE YOU SOBER? and when she rolls up to your house what is the first thing she says to you “You knew the MOM would answer didn’t you?” I don’t think you can define friendship any better! Spent the night 8 hours in the ER, had a CT scan and a ultrasound where not one, not two, but three people told me “Wow, you’ve got a lot of gallstones” #tellmesomethingidontknow #12gallstonesandcounting


Day 14 // Finding a replacement for Farmland/Bob’s Imported Food in our hood = PURE HAPPINESS.



As I said on Day 11 my brother is a pretty great dad to his four little boys, this weekend he helped to organize a cardboard box boat regatta on the pond where his wife’s grandmother owns a home for all of the cousins. While I couldn’t make it because I’d spent the night in the hospital and had to finish cleaning our apartment in Medford before handing over the keys my parents went and said it was a sight to be seen – 7 kids, 6 cardboard box boats, an not one of them sank!

All the kids pre-race!

Charlie (left) and Tommy (right) shared a boat!

Teddy my independent 3.5 godson paddled his own boat!

Andrew, the littlest of the bunch is clearly unimpressed with the hoopla.


How did you spend your labor day weekend?