45 Days of Organization

We all know I love a good list, hence the 101 in 1,001 so when I came across this image on one of my Pinterest boards from a blog post of Officially Different’s from 2011!

40 Days of organization


And with the pending move at the end of August I decided to come with my own version, except I am extending it 5 additional days, to keep me going through closer to our move date! We’ve lived at 12P for 6 years and though we tend to keep the place livable, we’ve got 6 years of clutter, stuffed drawers, bulging closets, and unnecessary goodness bursting at the seams.  This little list of mine will help get closer to knocking #66 off the list.

Without further ado here’s my list:

45 Days of Organizing

I’ve got to point out that it was as I upload this nice neat list of my 45 Days of organizing that #27 says “Soak Drawer” yeaaaaah, thats suppose to be SOCK drawer. I’m not rewriting nor re-uploading and sorry, I’m not sorry #bloggerproblems.

I’ll check in every now and again to let you know I’m doing!


Do you ever make lists like this to help you through some mundane tasks?


Fit Bit Friday #FAIL 6.27

It was just one of those weeks, we’ve all had them.  I got in two good Primal Workouts but other than that I had meager steps days and no additional workouts with the exception of the Foam Fest on Saturday in which I didn’t technically run, but I did conquer a fear of heights jumping from the Sky Fall, completed every obstacle we attempted (there was a bottleneck at the rope tent and we decided to skip it in favor of being that much closer in time to some post race beers), and left with a war wound on my left bicep from the best army crawl I have ever done.  I ate dinner out EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.THIS.WEEK. – what an epic fail; I thought My Fitness Pal was going to go bizerk because I had two days of DOUBLE calories. My Fit Bit has low battery. I don’t even have it on today, its in the depths of my over night bag. And I forgot to take pictures of the workouts at Primal. Let’s just say there was burpees, pushups, lunges, bear crawls, sprints, and a mile run on Tuesday and man-makers, crab holds, box jumps, step ups, rope climbs, ring bridges and mother f’ing lunges as well on Thursday.

Bracing myself to land!
Bracing myself to land!


So how am I going to turn this #FAIL around?

  • Purchasing a battery for the Fit Bit tonight
  • 2 mile walk and no booze tonight
  • Minimum 10,000 steps Saturday and Sunday so I start the week of right
  • Track all weekend meals in MFP

Here’s to another week!

How were your workouts this week? 

Do you use a Fit Bit?  How are you getting to 10,000 steps? 


Read with Red 6.26

This here marks post #11 on Life with Red and I’m nearly ready to actually put it out there to friends and the social world that I’ve started writing a blog again. My roommate Jenn, who could moonlight as a detective, wasn’t even privy to this blog until a mutual friend mentioned she’d saw my web address on my instagram account had changed. Shocked and ashamed that she hadn’t figured it out first Jenn set forth to read all my posts and gave me these encouraging words “I found your blog, I like it! But you need to post! Don’t be one of those bloggers who miss days! Don’t leave me hanging… it ended, and I wanted more.” So Jenn, this post is for you.

I created a secret pin board for articles and such to read more about blogging including this article from Helene in Between on building your blogging community. I am all about trying to build this blog and I will take any advice I can get!

Blog 101
Follow me on Pinterest!












Jackie from Jade & Oak wrote a post last week about lifestyle bloggers that I’ve gotten back and read a few times because though I am still building this here blog of mine, I think that’s what it is, a lifestyle blog.

Did you think before you started your blog? I did and didn’t, I have always enjoyed writing and was missing the outlet that the initial blog I started had given me, my favorite part of the day is opening my feedly and reading what YOU are writing about, and I love sharing my recommendations and thoughts on products, services and the customer experience (that’s a post for another day though!) so I gave it a go. Now that I’ve launched I am thinking a little bit more about what Michelle has to say about what to think about when starting a blog and first and foremost I am happy I started with wordpress and as time progresses I believe so will my blog and my vision for my blog.

Jenn, my lovely roommate that I mentioned above, and I constantly talk about how people actually have time to do things in the morning and how we see that virtually impossible. You know what I am talking about, people who make coffee or breakfast at home and who actually sit at the table, whether it be coffee or kitchen, enjoying it. Or the people who just SIT down at all after putting their two feet on the floor from bed to exiting the house. I can’t by any means wrap my head around how people have time to do it. Stephanie from not entirely perfect laid out her honest outline of her morning and while I appreciate and do a few of her list including the multitude of alarms, the current Netflix binge on in the background (for me it’s Greys Anatomy and I’m currently towards the end of season 2, or as I like to call it the “Denny days”) but the make coffee and have time to browse the internet it just doesn’t happen for me, though I wish it did. So those who can, please teach me your ways!!!

The "Denny" Days
The “Denny” Days


One of my favorites, Erin at Living in Yellow, featured Bonnie on her blog today. Bonnie talks about 28 secrets to growing up. I couldn’t agree more with her entire list. I live and breathe by dry shampoo, I sleep better when my room is clean, ice cream fixes pretty much anything, unfortunately my dishes won’t wash themselves, and I always feel better post workout than I do pre-workout and usually better than mid-workout too. I feel like I need to learn to give more people the benefit of the doubt, stop investing energy in things I can’t change, and start doing things that I can complete in 60 seconds now instead of next week. Basically Bonnie is a wise woman, and Erin’s a smart girl for featuring her and her infinite wisdom.


Apparently today’s reads were focused on blogging and routines/rules to live by, I wonder if this series will have a sort of kinda theme every week?


Bloggers, any suggestions on what to read to help to continue to grow this little blog of mine? 

Readers, do you have time to do something other than run around like a chicken with its head cut off before work in the morning? 


Beauty Blogger for the Day (My Makeup Routine)

Have you ever had one of those weeks were literally every.single.one. of your makeup products runs dry? You know what I am talking about – my foundation is currently upside like a ketchup bottle so i can get the last drop out, I rolled my concealer like it was a tube of toothpaste, and scrapped the end of my blush with the last of my q-tips this morning (seriously how did I also run out of q-tips too!?!?).

So I thought I’d share with you all the products I am currently using and then ask for suggestions as I prepare to do an entire beauty HAUL this weekend.


Face Wash // Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser // Retail: $6.49 

Clean Clear Continous Control Acne Cleanser











Acne medicationn // Clean & Clear Persa-Gel-10 // Retail: $6.99 

Clean and Clear Persa Gel











Moisturizer // Olay Active Hydrating Cream // Retail: $7.24  

Olay Active Hydrating Facial Cream








Concealer // Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes in Fair // Retail: $8.99 

Neutrogena 3in1 Concealor











Foundation // Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup // Retail: $12.49

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Makeup in Buff











Bronzer // Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Fair// Retail: $36.00 

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer in Fair











Blush // Ulta Extreme Wear Matte Finish Mousse Blush in Pink Glow // Retail: $8.00

Ulta Extreme Wear Blush in Pink Glow








Mascara // Maybelline Volum Express Rocket Mascara // Retail: $7.49  

Maybelline Rocket Mascara










Clarisonic // Clarisonic Mia 2 // Retail: $149  

Clarisonic Mia 2











Face Wash Nighttime // Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash // Retail: $5.49

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash











Eye Make Up Remover // Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover // Retail: $5.49 

Neutrogena Eye MakeUp remover











Blackhead Mask // Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask // Retail:  $5.49

Clean and Clear Blackhead Erasing Mask












A couple of things to note on my routine:

I am the type of girl who wears makeup to cover the 7,891 shades of color my face is and most days you probably don’t even know I have it on (until I take it off and you SHRIEK).

I was using my Clarisonic Mia 2 twice a day when I first got it but have cut back to a couple of times a week for a the sole reason that I need to buy new brush heads (they are on the list!)

I use the Blackhead Eraser Mask once a week while I am in the shower and have definitely seen a difference.

I have a horrible type finding mascara that doesn’t end up under my eyes and hour later. I’ve tried expensive kinds too so if you’ve got a suggestion please leave it below! 


A few items that I have had in my shopping bags at various times but haven’t pulled the trigger on are:

Origins GinZing Moisturizer // Retail: $26.00

Origins GinZing Moisturizer  Retail: $26.00
Origins GinZing Moisturizer
Retail: $26.00













Peter Thomas Roth // 21st Birthday Kit 

Peter Thomas Roth 21st Birthday Kit  Retail $38.00
Peter Thomas Roth 21st Birthday Kit
Retail $38.00












Urban Decay Naked Flushed // Retail: $26.00

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Retail: $26.00
Urban Decay Naked Flushed
Retail: $26.00










Origins No Puffery Mask // Retail $25.00 

Origins No Puffery Mask Retail $25.00
Origins No Puffery Mask
Retail $25.00













Urban Decay Eye Makeup Palette Naked 3 // Retail: $54.00

Urban Decay Eye Makeup Palette Naked 3 Retail: $54.00
Urban Decay Eye Makeup Palette Naked 3
Retail: $54.00











What products are you using? 

What products do you recommend? 

Fit Bit Fridays 6.20

Why do I always seem to forget to put on my Fit Bit Zip on first thing Friday morning?  6/13 marked the second week in a row that I forgot it (got it on today so next week should be a full week of tracking!)

Fit Bit Tracker Week Ending 6.19


I’m also including a report from My Fitness Pal of my Net Calories for the week. I’m finding it hard to stay at 1,200, really hard. All I did Monday through Wednesday was complain about how hungry I was feeling. Next week will be all about making adjustments to my foods to see if I can feel fuller with few calories.

Net Calories Week Ending 6.20.14

Workouts went a little something like this since last week:




1.2 mile walk followed by a 1 mile run all while enjoying this view of the Charles River off of Soldiers Field Road
photo (24)

Tuesday: Primal Class Circuit Workout
Air Squats 35x’s
Knee Pushups 15x’s
Step Ups 10/10
Twisting Jacks 30secs
Side Plank 20 secs each side
Goal was to do as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes. I did three complete rounds and ended off completely a 4th round of air squats and 11 of the 15 Knee Pushups.

3 mile walk

Thursday: Primal Class Workout
Block A:
Burpees 8x’s
Sumo Squat while doing heartbeats 15x’s
3 rounds

Block B:
Back, Side, Front Squats 3x each leg
High Plank 20sec or more (I did 26, 27, and 35 secs respectively)
3 rounds

Block C:
1/2 man makers 8x’s
Prone Cobra for as long as you can hold (I did 60, 70, and 90 secs respectively)
3 rounds


This week I am feeling hungry, but great! My pants seem to be fitting better and the pushups and arm workouts I’ve been doing at class have me cringing a lot less when I put on sleeveless shirts, which have been much-needed during this 80-90 degree weather we are having in New England. Yes, if you are from New England you complain when its cold AND when its hot.

I’ve got a 5K Fun Run on deck for tomorrow, but I won’t be wearing my Fit Bit because it’s the 5K Foam Fest and I’ll be high tailing my way through mud, foam, water and obstacles!


Whats your fitness plan for the weekend? 

Out of clutter, find simplicity.

Albert Einstein










#66 on my 101 in 1,001 list is to get rid of 1,001 “things”. I’ll admit I had #31 in mind when I thought of it. At the end of August we’ll be bidding adieu to our beloved 12 Pearl and  it’s time to PURGE. PURGE. PURGE. It is safe to say I am giddy over this, though not a hoarder I find myself holding on to things that I really needn’t and moving is the perfect way to start fresh!

First to go? Selling DVDS via Amazon Trade In and www.SellDVDSOnline.com

photo (23)











We shipped off 45 DVDS on Tuesday and will net $37.06 if everything is accepted!

45 down, 956 to go! 


Summer is two days away, how did your spring cleaning go? Did you purge, purge, purge? (I can only say that word in three’s!) 

Read with Red 6.18

Todays Read with Red is all about introducing to you a few bloggers that I read religiously through my feedly.  When I first started my career my first online stop after opening my email was People.com or PerezHilton.com to catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip, maybe the older I get the more I matured as four years ago blogs started to a daily read for me and over the years I have added more and more to my list. Today I am featuring a new-to-me blogger (Kristyn), an inspirational blogger (Ali), and a fashion/style blogger (Megan), these girls have inspired me to keep on writing, to keep on running, and to keep up with my diet so I can fit into the cute clothes she features!


A great first impression, is EXACTLY how I would describe Kristyn’s DC lifestyle blog aptly named First Impressions. Kristyn started following me on Twitter last Friday after I posted my 101 in 1,001 list and I promptly returned the favor and then spent most of Monday binge-reading her blog, she’s celebrating her half-year bloggerversary this week – hope on over to her twitter page and congratulate her! She’s built quite the following in the last six months, I can only hope to be just as successful – maybe she’ll teach me a thing or two!

First Impressions


I am pretty sure I have all of the same perplexing thoughts that Ali does all the way down to wondering how some women don’t sweat. I have no idea how I stumbled open Ali’s blog last summer but I’ve been following ever since, Ali is a an avid runner suffering from Crohns Disease and shares with her readers the struggles she goes through on daily basis, the small victories (like bathroom-less runs!), fun facts, and adorable pictures of her nephew Tyler.  She recently left her job as an editor for a Dance Magazine to work with Jack Rabbit Sports (and her boyfriend!) as the Digital and Editorial manager. I love checking in on her blog to see how she is feeling, how her most recent run went and her random perplexing thoughts.

Ali on the Run


Seeing Megan of Style me Swanky’s post featuring the GiGi New York All in One Clutch just reaffirmed that I must have one for my 30th birthday. My roommate shared with me Megan’s blog probably two years ago and I love, love, love it. Megan is the epitome of a southern girl (does every northern girl want to be a southern girl from time to time, or is that just me? Megan blogs primarily about style and beauty products while sharing some of her personal life-like her wedding and her recent move and I love her recommendations, she’s the main reason I feel every outfit should feature a fancy necklace.  Now for more important things from Gigi’s summer collection I’m thinking Iris or Lime, what do you think?

Style Me Swanky

iris gigi all in one clutch Lime Gigi All in One Clutch



I created my summer reading list for the pool/beach and purchased a few of these during Barnes and Nobles’s by two get one free sale last week:


Summer Reading List 2014


Do you use feedly or bloglovin? 

Whats on your reading list this summer?

What bloggers do you follow? 



101 in 1,001

I love the idea of a good list. Yet I’m not always great about following them and it’s something that as I get older I want to work on so what better way than working my way through a list that will take me the next 2.75 years to complete.  I thought I’d highlight a few of my pending tasks and why they are something I think is important to complete. Check out the full list here!


#5. Complete a 52-week money challenge. Are you familiar with the 52 Week money challenge? I was first introduced to it by one of my Community Educators at work who was teaching a budgeting worksheet the second to last week in December and was challenging her attendees to partake in the challenge in the new year, but I more recently started following the challenge on facebook to keep myself in check. On a particularly slow day in the office just before New Years I actually set up the 52 week money challenge, transferring money each week from my brick & mortar bank to my Capital One 360 account.   I am embarrassed to admit that my 30th birthday is just a few months away and aside from my 401K I have piddly in savings, so I thought what better way to jump-start a permanent savings plan than starting with $1 that first week. The way the plan works is that you increase your deposit by what week it is in the year; week 1 = $1, week 2 = $2, week 25 (this week!) = $25.  My current balance should be $325, but I had to rob peter to pay paul a few weeks ago (is my mom the only one that ever says that phrase?!) and I’m sitting on balance of $213 with plans to make a few extra deposits between now and the 4th of July to be back on plan. I’ll keep you all update!


#18. Take each of my nephews out for a special day. I am the proud aunt to four ADORABLE nephews. My brother and sister in law are the brave parents of T who’s 6, C who’s 5, E who’s 3, and A who is one week shy of 1.  I love spending time with them whether is watching them play sports, seeing them swim way better than me, snuggling watching a show at nana & papas, or taking a day trip with the whole family. Some of my fondest memories though as a child were the whale watch that just my aunt took my brother on (more memorable for my aunt who had to clean up my sea-sickness), the trip to Canobie Lake with my mom’s aunt and cousin, and the many shopping trips with my nana and I want to give my nephews those memories as well. Perhaps it will be an art class with C who loves to color and build things with legos, a baseball game with T who was just selected for the all-start baseball game in his league, it will probably involve food with E, and for A the world is our oyster as he isn’t quite old enough to have real interests yet.

Easter 2014
Easter 2014


#31. Say farewell to 12 Pearl. Jenn and I have joked about being buried at our current apartment. A place where at the time we started our first lease we thought we’d be at for a year, two tops. It’s been six. Over the course of those six years, we’ve had 3 roommates, hosted 5 Christmas Parties, Jenn’s fallen at least 6 times, we’ve lost at least $20 in the washing machine, we’ve set off at 36 fire alarms, we were one of the first stop on our friends love story, we lost 2 jobs, we most importantly learned how to make a cookie in a cup, and hosted Van Der Beek and Bacon (explanation at a later date). This September we are saying farewell to place we’ve called home. We decided we needed to shake things up and are moving to a new-to-us apartment with a few friends, we’re hoping that it will jump start some much needed change in our lives (as well as a few dollars into the bank account, as its $200 less a month in rent!).


#71. Post 12 DIY projects.  I LOVE DIY projects, yet I never ever do them. That’s going to change with help of this list! This past year I started following some very inspirtational bloggers, Young House Love, I Heart Organizing, and Hi Sugarplum! who have all done some really really cool projects. Like this lacquered box, this IKEA bekvam stool and the Clara Conversations book John put together for Sherry (not the traditional DIY John and Sherry are known for but I think this the sweetest idea ever!)

Young House Love


I heart organizing


Hi SugarPlum









Over the next few months I’ll highlight additional 101 in 1,001 tasks that I have chosen and explain why I choose them and how I’m progressing!


Have you ever completed a money challenge? 


What is your favorite DIY project? 


Don’t have an online savings account to start your own money challenge? Sign up for Capital One 360 here


Fit Bit Fridays 6.13.14

SUGAR. HONEY. ICED. TEA. (better known as SHIT!)  Yep, thats what I say everyday that I look at my sugar intake on My Fitness Pal. Why am I such a sugar fiend? I’m not even eating snickers, it’s all “Natures Candy!” and well a teaspoon of Truvia and a leftover sugar cookie parting gift I took home from the Hoedown graduation/birthday party I went to Saturday night — but still, this past Tuesday at 2:44 PM my sugar intake looked like this for the day, hadn’t eaten dinner yet and was already in the negative!


Sugar Intake 6.10.2014

Then I remembered reading about a documentary on GMBMFB a few weeks ago about sugar and the state of our food environment, Fed Up and found it’s playing at a small small theater near me. Half of me wants to go check it out because I loved Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change which both made me more conscious that what we put into our body effects more than just our weight, but our overall health and appearance and made me put down the Starbucks Iced Tea and try a Green Juice and not only that buy a juicer; though what really put me over the edge to buy that Bella  is a story for another day! The other half of me enjoyed watching those two on Netflix in the comfort of my own home where I was likely snacking on something. Not sure which half is winning right now… will let you know if succumb to the sugar guilt and see it!

As for my workouts for the week:

Friday: 1 mile walk, 1 mile run (under 13:00 minutes!)

Mile 1










Saturday: #FAIL
Sunday: #FAIL
Monday: #FAIL
Tuesday: Primal Workout

6.10 Primal Class









Wednesday: #FAIL
Thursday: Primal Workout

6.12 Primal Class.











And my log of steps for the week:

Fit Bit Week2








To say I’m a little disappointed my workout schedule last week is a bit of an understatement, but 3 workouts is better than none and it allows me to approve upon what I’ve done.  My goal for next week 4 workouts (2 Primal, 2 non-Primal), 40,000 steps, and a little less sugar! Writing this post has given me a few ideas for my 101 in 1,001 list that I’ll be publishing later today, I love a good goal.


Read with Red 6.12.14

I was never an at-home nail painter until I was introduced to the Essie line around 3 years ago and since then 12P has a collection of 20+ polishes, recently I’ve seen the nail decals and have been wary about trying them but seeing these leopard print amazingness on Aubrey Kinch’s blog  I am definitely going to try some out!













I have a deep love for the Clinton’s (don’t tell my dad) and it’s not because I am die hard democrat or because I think adultery is cool, I just have always loved their personalities much like how I love that the Obamas have embraced pop culture and social media (I know I’m not the only one following Michelle on Instagram) so of course Hilary’s book is on my B&N wishlist, it’s also probably because they raised an awkward teenager in the White House and I felt her pain, it was bad enough being overweight with glasses, braces and acne in my middle and high school, imagine doing it in the public eye, eessssh. Anyways I came across the Political Memoir Generator created by Time Magazine on BzzAgent Jono’s Twitter Page, here’s my future memoir’s suggested title:

Time Magazine Memoir Generator1
I’ll take it!


Was I the only one that binge-watched Season 2 of Orange is the New Black this week? I can’t wait another six months to a year for season 3 so I’m devouring every article I can find on the show and the real-life situation including this one, this one, and this one (spoiler alert!!!) and these too.

We all could learn something from Taylor Stewart  #kindnesscounts

I succumbed to a sponsored post on Facebook today when I saw the cute dresses in the add for JollyChic.com, if I were two sizes smaller and not trying to save, save, save I probably would have bought this, this and this!  Oh and don’t forget about this! Has anyone ever bought anything from JollyChic.com?*



*I promise I learn for my next week how to install the slider of images to show off clothing and accessories that are on my wishlist, I just need to figure out how!