101 in 1,001

I love the idea of a good list. Yet I’m not always great about following them and it’s something that as I get older I want to work on so what better way than working my way through a list that will take me the next 2.75 years to complete.  I thought I’d highlight a few of my pending tasks and why they are something I think is important to complete. Check out the full list here!


#5. Complete a 52-week money challenge. Are you familiar with the 52 Week money challenge? I was first introduced to it by one of my Community Educators at work who was teaching a budgeting worksheet the second to last week in December and was challenging her attendees to partake in the challenge in the new year, but I more recently started following the challenge on facebook to keep myself in check. On a particularly slow day in the office just before New Years I actually set up the 52 week money challenge, transferring money each week from my brick & mortar bank to my Capital One 360 account.   I am embarrassed to admit that my 30th birthday is just a few months away and aside from my 401K I have piddly in savings, so I thought what better way to jump-start a permanent savings plan than starting with $1 that first week. The way the plan works is that you increase your deposit by what week it is in the year; week 1 = $1, week 2 = $2, week 25 (this week!) = $25.  My current balance should be $325, but I had to rob peter to pay paul a few weeks ago (is my mom the only one that ever says that phrase?!) and I’m sitting on balance of $213 with plans to make a few extra deposits between now and the 4th of July to be back on plan. I’ll keep you all update!


#18. Take each of my nephews out for a special day. I am the proud aunt to four ADORABLE nephews. My brother and sister in law are the brave parents of T who’s 6, C who’s 5, E who’s 3, and A who is one week shy of 1.  I love spending time with them whether is watching them play sports, seeing them swim way better than me, snuggling watching a show at nana & papas, or taking a day trip with the whole family. Some of my fondest memories though as a child were the whale watch that just my aunt took my brother on (more memorable for my aunt who had to clean up my sea-sickness), the trip to Canobie Lake with my mom’s aunt and cousin, and the many shopping trips with my nana and I want to give my nephews those memories as well. Perhaps it will be an art class with C who loves to color and build things with legos, a baseball game with T who was just selected for the all-start baseball game in his league, it will probably involve food with E, and for A the world is our oyster as he isn’t quite old enough to have real interests yet.

Easter 2014
Easter 2014


#31. Say farewell to 12 Pearl. Jenn and I have joked about being buried at our current apartment. A place where at the time we started our first lease we thought we’d be at for a year, two tops. It’s been six. Over the course of those six years, we’ve had 3 roommates, hosted 5 Christmas Parties, Jenn’s fallen at least 6 times, we’ve lost at least $20 in the washing machine, we’ve set off at 36 fire alarms, we were one of the first stop on our friends love story, we lost 2 jobs, we most importantly learned how to make a cookie in a cup, and hosted Van Der Beek and Bacon (explanation at a later date). This September we are saying farewell to place we’ve called home. We decided we needed to shake things up and are moving to a new-to-us apartment with a few friends, we’re hoping that it will jump start some much needed change in our lives (as well as a few dollars into the bank account, as its $200 less a month in rent!).


#71. Post 12 DIY projects.  I LOVE DIY projects, yet I never ever do them. That’s going to change with help of this list! This past year I started following some very inspirtational bloggers, Young House Love, I Heart Organizing, and Hi Sugarplum! who have all done some really really cool projects. Like this lacquered box, this IKEA bekvam stool and the Clara Conversations book John put together for Sherry (not the traditional DIY John and Sherry are known for but I think this the sweetest idea ever!)

Young House Love


I heart organizing


Hi SugarPlum









Over the next few months I’ll highlight additional 101 in 1,001 tasks that I have chosen and explain why I choose them and how I’m progressing!


Have you ever completed a money challenge? 


What is your favorite DIY project? 


Don’t have an online savings account to start your own money challenge? Sign up for Capital One 360 here


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