101 in 1,001

I love a good list (a love a good anything if you ask my friends). I also like to be held accountable and I tried a version of this once before when creating my 30 before 30 list, but after seeing Mackenzie Horan of  Design Darling take a second stab at the list after not quite completing everything on list on her first,  I thought why the heck not and created my new list, this time really thinking of things that will help improve my life (like all those financial goals!), get me out of my comfort zone trying new things (cities! restaurants!), and challenging my current day-to-day. Here goes nothing!


Start: June 13, 2014

Complete by:  March 10, 2017 

1. Create list (Completed 6.13.14)

2. Inspire someone else to create their list (7.16.14 Lis; unpublished as of 7.21.14)

3. Visit a psychic/get my palm read

4. Run 1 mile a day for 30 days

5. Complete the 52 Week Money Challenge

6. Visit four new US cities

7. Travel internationally

8. Visit the Boston MFA

9. Write the first chapter of my book

10. Complete a photo a day project for my 30th year

11. Give 5 friends/family “just because” gifts

12. Take my parents to dinner

13. Eliminate my credit card debt (4/11 are paid off)

14. Deposit $27.50 into a savings account (for the 2.75 years this list will take) for every task completed

15. Walk/Run 100,000 steps in a 7 day span

16. Attend BlogShop

17. Join/Start a book club

18. Take each of my nephews out for a special day

19. Learn more about my parents using “Their Stories. Their Words”

20. Create a piece of artwork for my parents house

21. Write/send one non-birthday non-holiday card a month (07/14 – Danny)

22. Open an etsy shop for downloadable prints

23. Pay for the next customer in line; 10 x’s

24. Watch 5 “everyone has seen it but me” movies

25. See and swim in the Pacific Ocean

26. Track my calories and exercise for 30 days straight

27. Read and review a book once a month on the blog

28. Be featured on someone else’s blog (7.18.14 mentioned on Amy’s blog!)

29. Learn how to use my sock bun thingy

30. Make my first non 401-K investment

31. Say farewell to 12 Pearl

32. Complete a plank challenge

33. DIY a piece of jewelry that I’d actually wear

34. Do a 3-day juice cleanse

35. Purchase a DSLR

36. Design and order business cards

37. Go to the movies alone

38. Take a photography workshop

39. Sign up for a library card

40. Read a book series

41. Start a new job

42. See a play on Broadway

43. No shopping for one month

44. Achieve my target weight

45. Save all my change for 1,001 days, cash it in and donate it on day 1,002

46. Run a 10K and don’t stop

47. Update my MAC to the latest operating system

48. Make a monthly charitable donation (7.16.14 – Boston Children’s Hospital Dreammaker)

49. Guest blog on another site (different from #28)

50. Take a Barre method class

51. Try 30 new-to-me restaurants

52. Participate in 3 service/volunteer days

53. Have a cash-only month; hide the Credit Cards!

54. Host a giveaway on my blog

55. Make $1,001 in side income

56. Get all the dings fixed on my car and a new hubcap before I try and sell it!

57. Leave a 100% tip

58. Buy a gift for “Toys for Tots’

59. Host a blog sale

60. Make my bed everyday for a month

61. Take a class at BCAE or something similar

62. Ride a segway/vespa/mo-ped

63. Start and complete a 30 day photo challenge on instagram

64. Reach 100 blog followers

65. Make 15 Pinterest recipes

66. Get rid of 1,001 things (-21, -8, -25)

67. Learn how to create a GIF

68. Buy an investment piece of clothing or accessory

69. Wear glasses for 7 days to give my eyes a break from my contacts

70. Complete and blog about 12 DIY projects

71. Monetize blog

72. Go a work day without checking personal email/texts

73. Blog everyday for a month

74. Invite a guy to family function

75. Save $10,000

76. Buy an alarm clock so I can turn off my phone every night for a month

77. Create an editorial calendar for my blog

78. Curl my hair once a week for 3 months

79. Write a sponsored post on my blog

80. Find or re-order my passport

81. Participate in one 5K a month for a year

82. Win a contest (rafflecopters count!)

83. Create a recipe book

84. Comfortably fit into a size 8 pair of jeans

85. Break a 40-minute 5K

86. See a Red Sox game in another city

87. Fall in love

88. Attend a taping of Ellen

89. Go to Figawi

90. Eat a fruit a day for 30 days

91. Take someone on an all-expenses-paid vacation

92. Write a freelance article

93. Go fishing with my nephews (I’ve never fished.)

94. Double my 401K contribution for one year

95. Replace black tea with green tea for 30 days

96. Throw a surprise party

97. Take a lesson

98. Play an entire game of monopoly

99. Attempt to drive a stick shift

100. Blog about each experience

101. Create my next list and recap this one

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