#100HappyDays Week Two

Alright, it’s been a week since a last wrote but last week was one of those weeks – we moved, we unpacked, we cleaned two nights after work, I spent the night in the hospital, I spent the next day recovering and I was just feeling plain uninspired. But it’s a new week people and the blog posts ideas are streaming! Up first for the week is my week two recap for the #100happydays project I’m doing on instagram!

Day8 (1)
Day 8// Ice Cream = Happiness. Ice Cream also equaled dinner on the final night at our apartment in Medford.


Day 9 // Moving Day! Nothing made me happier than making that left photo into the that right photo!

Day 10 // I cut 15 minutes off my commute when moved! Early to work? My boss is VERY HAPPY!


Day 11 // I had to ask my brother a favor last-minute and being the wonderful brother he was he didn’t even flinch. He’s also a pretty great dad to my four adorable nephews (see the bonus section of pics to prove it!)


Day 12 // Tried Franklin Southie with Ado, can’t decide if my favorite part of the night was the women sitting two tables away from us getting up when she overheard us discussing what we wanted to get and offering her opinion  (an opinion we are happy we listened to – order the burger!!!) or the appetizer we had before we left the apartment of cookie dough oreo’s.


Day 13 // Who do you call at 11 o’clock on a Saturday night when you are doubled over in gallstone pain? One of your oldest friends. What is the first question you say through gritted teeth and tears on that phone call? ARE YOU SOBER? and when she rolls up to your house what is the first thing she says to you “You knew the MOM would answer didn’t you?” I don’t think you can define friendship any better! Spent the night 8 hours in the ER, had a CT scan and a ultrasound where not one, not two, but three people told me “Wow, you’ve got a lot of gallstones” #tellmesomethingidontknow #12gallstonesandcounting


Day 14 // Finding a replacement for Farmland/Bob’s Imported Food in our hood = PURE HAPPINESS.



As I said on Day 11 my brother is a pretty great dad to his four little boys, this weekend he helped to organize a cardboard box boat regatta on the pond where his wife’s grandmother owns a home for all of the cousins. While I couldn’t make it because I’d spent the night in the hospital and had to finish cleaning our apartment in Medford before handing over the keys my parents went and said it was a sight to be seen – 7 kids, 6 cardboard box boats, an not one of them sank!

All the kids pre-race!

Charlie (left) and Tommy (right) shared a boat!

Teddy my independent 3.5 godson paddled his own boat!

Andrew, the littlest of the bunch is clearly unimpressed with the hoopla.


How did you spend your labor day weekend? 

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your ER stay – that is no fun at all, but hope you’re feeling much better!! Cutting your commute time is the best – getting home earlier is also the best bonus!! Hope you had a great Tuesday!

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