#100HappyDays Week One

Way back last week I wrote about anxiety how even though I do occasionally go into full on all-I-want-is-my-bed-mode that I want to embrace the positives in my life and thus I began the #100happydays project.  I’m posting all of my #100happydays posts to instagram (go follow me!) and will post a recap each Monday here on LWR.


Day One //  My friend Ado just moved back to MA from NJ and we met Monday night to walk the lake in my hometown, as we are getting older (and wiser?) we thought sometimes it’s better to catch up over 3.1 miles rather than 3.1 beers.



Day Two // As I was leaving my first job out of school I met my amazing friend Danielle (that’s not her) who begged me to take her with me or at least help her find a better job. Enter Jenn (the one photobombing the margaritas!) and an open position at her company, if I couldn’t take Danielle with me I could at least have her work with my best friend! 6+ years later we still catch up over dinner every few months!



Day Three //  The week before moving and no food in the cabinets or the fridge, who wouldn’t hit up Boston Market? Plus all this was under $5!!!



Day Four // Two weeks ago I started a twice weekly workout with my trainer. Day 4 was all about legs and back, woof.


Day 5 // On day 5 I woke up to a text from my boss saying she wouldn’t be in #happyfriday



Day 6 // As a project for an art show my senior year of college I create a piece to commemorate the house I grew up in (I will post it to instagram this week) and as we prepare to move (tomorrow!) I borrowed my dad’s camera and took about 200 photos to eventually work their magic in photoshop.




Day 7 // Mother D (my Nana’s rap name) is celebrating her 91st birthday this week! Her entire family including her seven great grandchildren got together on Sunday for “shiny food” (what my nephews call Chinese food) and cake!

Have you done the #100happy days project? If you’d like me to feature it on LWR leave a comment! 


4 thoughts on “#100HappyDays Week One

    1. It’s been so great, I am loving the #100happydays so far! I think the days where its the end of the day and I remember I haven’t completed it I look back on my day really think about what I happy/thankful for (like last yesterdays unpacking from my move!!)

    1. I used to be a corn and potatoes girl too at Boston Market (makes it sounds like I always went there…) until I tried the Mac & Cheese! It’s so good!

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