#100HappyDays – Week 5

Days 28-34 of the #100happydays are on deck this morning. New residency, a super cute dog, ice cream, and a new job – um, could life get any better?


Day 28 // It’s officially official I’m a resident of Dorchester, MA.


Day 29 // I was back babysitting my favorite family in Lincoln and snapped a photo of that cute dog I was talking about watching AND listening to Full House. When Uncle Jesse was teaching Comet how to sit, Finley listened.


Day 30 // Do I really need to explain why I was happy about ice cream, it’s ice cream people.


Day 31 // I love dumb jokes, I love cards, a sweet friend gave me these upon my recovery. One was more his type of joke, one more mine.


Day 32 // Fall weather, coffee, and a comfy bed – need I say more?


Day 33 // I made the official announcement to my current company that I had accepted a new job. Can’t wait for this change!


Day 34 // I don’t think I have ever gotten more likes and comments on a photo than this one, it spoke to a lot of people!


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